Tarlach: Aguilera Has Most Impressive Voice Of Pop Princesses

Gemma Tarlach of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel took part in an online chat and was asked how of the “pop princesses” has the most talent. “Based on live performances I’ve actually witnessed, I think has the most impressive voice, when she puts her mind to actually using it,” Tarlach said. “I also think Kelly Clarkson has the vocal skills to survive, though I’d like to see her tackle some more challenging material. And, if I can classify Evanescence as pop based on their huge commercial sales, or at least pop-metal, Amy Lee has got a lot of talent vocally.”

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11 thoughts on “Tarlach: Aguilera Has Most Impressive Voice Of Pop Princesses

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    Yeah we’ve heard that before. I think it’d be more interesting to hear someone actually say she’s got a great personality, or she’s a well-rounded individual, or that she’s actually a good entertainer. Hell I’d settle I’d be surprised to hear that her voice isn’t her only redeeming quality. Not gonna happen.

  2. RobScott says:

    Christina IS extremely talented, but I think Kelly Clarkson is too. Just because Christina’s better doesn’t mean there’s not room for both of them in the industry. Kelly has consistently put out better songs than Christina, but when Christina knocks one out of the park, it flies way above Miss Clarkson’s pretty little head. Speaking of pretty, Christina hasn’t looked good in years. If she releases her new album and starts talking about Britney in magazine interviews again (which we all know she will), I’m going to lose a lot of respect for her. It’s actions like those that make her and her incredible voice pale in comparison to how amazing Britney is as an entertainer.

  3. Vanity87 says:

    Kelly has consistantly put out better songs than Christina? She came out 4 years before Kelly did! Kelly hasn’t had that many songs out! If anybody hasn’t looked good in a while it’s Britney & you should be losing respect for her, not Christina. Britney has constantly made a fool out of herself time & time again. Britney may be a good entertainer but so is Christina & she has a hell of a voice to back it up! She has her act together, she has a good man & incredible talent. She’s set! You need to look at britney’s actions. She went from pop mega star to tabloid celebrity with her white trash, classless ways!

  4. galleta says:

    I don’t think Chris chooses to talk about Britney, the interviewers ask questions she’, ‘answers them,…truthfully by the way. In being truthful it looks as if she may be putting Britney down but shes not it’s just true that Britney’s only talent is marketing and keeping herself in the spotlight with lame, low class behavior. She doesn’t true have real talent. Shes a money maker and that’s it, which shocks most ppl including Chris I’m sure.

    You won’t hear anyone compliment her voice, one can’t compliment what isn’t there.

    as a SINGER thats all she needs going for her…lol..the diva like behavior oh well..’, ‘she has the true talent to back it up and thats all that matters. I think I would rather see someone truely talented act like a ***** than some one mediocre get praise not for her talent but simply for displaying low class behavior and antics and flirting with the press.

  5. RobScott says:

    You guys forget that they’re in show BUSINESS, and Britney has built an empire…….’, ‘That takes skill and talent. Christina, even with her amazing voice, has still yet to lock herself down a solid career here in America. She can’t even headline a successful tour….Britney can. And as for Kelly putting out consistently better songs, “Breakaway”, “Since U Been Gone”, and “Behind These Hazel Eyes” are much better and more successful than the songs Christina released from Stripped. “Beautiful” may have been huge for Christina, but Kelly has had “beautiful”-like success with every song she’s released from her latest album so far.

  6. CharlotteNCusa says:

    Everyone has an opinon’, ‘It amazes me how everyone on this site gets freaky if someone praises and/or trashes Xtina or Britney or J-Lo/Anthony or (insert any female singer that has breast/a*s). Please remember that opinons are a right that everyone has a right to own, incuding a newspaper columnist, music mag editor, etc. Please don’t allow others opinons to wig you out. You keep your opinon and allow others to keep theirs. I personally disagree with the columnist who wrote that Xtina has the best….but it’s his/her right to state it.

  7. mandysdandy says:

    Why should be praise her personality? I buy music based on the quality of the music not the artist’s personality. Christina is actually looking really good these days. She’s lost weight and looks very happy. I can’t to wait to hear her next album.

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    her career isn’t about being the greatest personality ever, she’s a singer –>’, ‘and when it comes to the topic of talking about the “most impressive voice,” what reason is there to go on and on about how much of a good or bad a person she is? That’s something to be talked about in True Hollywood Story or something, not on the topic of vocal talent.

    jeez Rob give Xtina SOME credit, she has achieved a lot too —>’, ‘And just because it’s show BUSINESS doesn’t mean that every single artist out there has to resort to building an “empire.” And Britney isn’t the only one that’s successful at doing that, more and more artists are, some even better than Britney. And Kelly is a good singer, but c’mon, you can’t possibly act as if a few hit singles blows away the success that Xtina had way before AI was created. Can’t you give both girls (Britney and Xtina) credit? Regardless if one has built an empire and one hasn’t, at the end Britney and Xtina achieved a lot at such a young age, and still have a lot more to give, there is really no reason to act like one is just successful for one song when you know that she has earned much more credit than that.

    I swear there can’t ever be a topic on Xtina (or Britney) without it being blown way out of proportions with the unnecessary bashing and trying to abate one’s credit all because their personality isn’t talked about. They are talking about MUSIC, not personalities. I don’t know about some of you, but I actually buy albums based on the quality of the music, not the quality of one’s personality said in tabloids or word of mouth.

  9. RobScott says:

    I give mad props to Christina. I’m a huge fan, but I think with a voice like hers she should have a lot more fame and credibility than she actually does. Whereas Britney has little to work with, Christina has an amazing god given talent, but I don’t think a lot of the things she does reflects that. Rightfully, Christina should be a lot more successful than Britney is, but every chance Christina gets to prove herself, I don’t think she does. It’s just like when she released Stripped. She was on the cover of different magazines bringing up Britney and trashing her just to stir up publicity for her and her album. Someone with such a beautiful voice shouldn’t have to do that, but she does and often. And as far as Kelly goes, I do think her songs/singles have been consistently better than Christina’s. They showcase more depth and portray Kelly as someone who’s real and confident with her voice and her music. Granted, Christina has released some big songs, but pretty much everything Kelly has released lately has been massive. They’re still playing Breakaway on the radio, a song that was on a soundtrack to a mediocre Disney sequel that came out over a year ago. I haven’t heard anything from Christina in ages. I truly wonder how well Christina would do if there was no Britney to rival against, no Justin to go on tour with, and no guest rappers on her albums. I want to see that Christina. Until then, Kelly has her beat in my opinion.

  10. jazzprofounder says:

    i get what you are saying Rob —>’, ‘But you seem to only be focusing on Xtina’s Stripped album/singles (which was released about 3 years ago) and comparing it with Kelly Clarkson’s singles (which aren’t that many compared to Britney and Xtina’s singles combined). That is an unfair comparison due to the fact that Stripped isn’t the ONLY album that Xtina has released or is remembered for. And don’t get me wrong, I think Kelly is cool, but there are many artists who had put out consistently better songs than Xtina, but that goes the same for Britney and Kelly too. But you are right, even though Stripped was great, I think she blew it with her kind of conceited “look at me I love sex and I’m raunchy as f**k” attitude. It just turned many people off. As for her bashing Britney, I think that was completely unnecessary, and I think stuff like that is what still makes people get all defensive about who they think is a better singer, entertainer, personality, etc. And that’s a shame because Xtina is talented, and I don’t think anybody is denying that she has a god-gifted voice, but it goes to show that vocal talent alone isn’t going to make a likeable artist. However, how long has it been since Xtina has said a single bad thing about Britney for publicity? Like you said, we haven’t heard from her in ages. Plz don’t judge Xtina the same as people judge Britney, meaning by judging her based on pass mistakes or bad judgements. Neither Britney or Xtina has been in the spotlight much lately, so I think at the end we shouldn’t really judge them as if we know them for who they are at this moment in their lives.

  11. Cabati says:

    Give it up, we all know you’re a Britney fan so of course you’re going to bitch and moan about people who actually have talent. See, here’s the thing…only superficial idiots need to have someone dance around in sparkly costumes with lots of pyrotechnics to be entertained. When I want to listen to music, I want it to be sung by someone who can, go figure, SING. And I’d take Christina’s personality over Britney’s “personality” anyday. The girl’s clearly a moron and everything out of her mouth is said in that stupid, affected voice and almost always includes the words “cool” or “awesome” in place of an actual intelligent statement. Fu** being “well-rounded”, I’m not even sure why you brought that up, because Britney’s certainly not.

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