Taryn Denies Request To Pull Track From Mariah Film

Radio airwaves were buzzing with news about singing sensation Taryn this morning, saying the diva is trying to pull her song from the upcoming movie ‘Wisegirls’ staring Mariah Carey, Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters. Various stations reported that because of Mariah’s movie ‘Glitter’ failing she didn’t want her music brought down with Mariah’s bad acting. Taryn’s spokesman from Porter Promotions released the following statement. ‘These rumor’s are completely untrue, Taryn is honored to have her work become part of a project that Mariah is involved in. Carey is one of Taryn’s Inspirations, Taryn is as much as a Mariah Fan now as she always has been, and enjoys all of Mariah’s work.’

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