Taryn Manning Says Britney Spears’ Boobs Are Real

Contributed by britney4ever:

‘Crossroads’ star Taryn Manning is featured on the latest issue of Playboy magazine and they asked her about Britney Spears’ boobs, here’s what she said: “Mmm-hmm. She’s a very sexy girl. When I knew her she was only 19, and she was so mature and composed. She’s an old soul, that girl. I think they are real, yeah. I saw them. They’re not like weird-looking, hard balls on her chest. They’re pretty natural, the way they hang. They look pretty supple. They’re not all firm and fake. I didn’t take a long, hard stare, but when she was changing, I was like, what are people trippin’ on? Those are real boobs, you know?”

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