t.A.T.u. On Hiatus, Lena And Yulia Working On Solo Careers

Julia Volkova of t.A.T.u.

t.A.T.u.’s all-knowing “Insider” checked in with fans on the Russian pop duo’s official web site blog on Saturday (March 21), revealing that Yulia Volkova is working on her solo career outside of t.A.T.u.’s management, while Lena Katina is starting a solo project with t.A.T.u.’s crew and plans to release a new album by late 2009/early 2010. The source writes:

The English version of ‘Beliy Plaschik’ video is to be launched, and may be released on DVD.
Works on the full-scale international album ‘Happy Smiles’ and talks with record-labels were stopped at the end of 2008, but English versions of the majority of Russian songs are produced, and we will do our best to provide you with these, in one form or another. Works on the show were suspended last June, and are not being planned. No public concerts are being planned, except some special events like Bacardi.

Production of the new t.A.T.u.’s “goods” – videos, records – is still quite possible in the near future, but no promises can be made about schedule right now.

The entire message at tatu.ru has since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “t.A.T.u. On Hiatus, Lena And Yulia Working On Solo Careers

  1. Me says:

    I’m suffering so much now… :'(

  2. Me says:

    I’m guessing many of you have already heard about the sad news.
    i just recently knew about it a couple of hours ago. and if it wasn’t for kiwi, I never would’ve understood what they were talking about in the forum.
    anyway the thing is, the one thing we all shared is over…….. tatu’s over.

    disband, broke up, separated what else? yeah. its hard to swallow at first. but it’ll ease up. frankly, I too don’t know how to react to this. I’m feeling so numb. they were like 2/3 of what I live for. its 3:12am and I’m still reading the blog over and over again thinking: why? and that maybe it was just a mis-posted blog or something. cause I couldn’t believe it. I won’t believe it. the band we loved for almost 10 years are now gone? but still. if they really are, there’s nothing anyone of us can do about it. especially if it was a morally and personal decision of theirs.its not like I can go to Moscow and rally there, now can i? though just a thought, they’re still together just to promote their album and the movie. but isn’t it ironic how their film was originally entitled ‘tatu come back’? so what happened to their come back now? :( *exhales* and besides its not like one of them is dying. they will forever live in us. tatu are more than just music. lets just hope for the best, shall we?

    *guys, its killing me to think about this issue and feeling alone in it. so I have the need to feel that I must share this. sorry.

  3. yo says:

    I’m so sad so sad I LOVE YOU tATu!!FOREVER IN MY HEART

    LENA KATINA I’ll support you on everything you do!!

    good luck to all of you !

  4. Heavily Broken. says:

    I would die for these girls. I love them so much. I can’t believe this is happening. its gotta be one of the worst things that’s ever happened to me. seriously, I am so depressed right now, I still can’t quite believe it, as though I am dreaming. I don’t blame either of them, I love them equally xxx

  5. wHY! says:

    Why!! t.A.T.u. is the best!!! All their fans are sad about their split up :( !! I heard that they will make solo careers, if they do… I know that they will be as famous as they did together cause they are talented! But one thing they wont have again is the fun they both had while performing live!!!! I think with their solo careers they will sound different and we will notice an empty space between their music and them ….

  6. jessica says:

    I would say I used to listen to there songs went on you tube and heard that they went solo projects I miss them :( I wish them well and hope they can make a great amazing comeback its sad in way there not gay Lena I have crush on you. the fans that did your YouTube for you guys were amazing as well and very sad I cry everytime I see them. is it possible to get the latest CDs here in America? dangerous and moving I got 200 khm in wrong lane and empire of stars both very good and applaud you guys for your messages you send out there truly amazing

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