Tatu Reveal Third Album Title, Volkova Confirms Pregnancy

Julia Volkova of has confirmed she is pregnant and expecting her second child later this year. “First of all, it’s not the first time and I know how to handle it,” Volkova said in a press release posted at the Russian duo’s MySpace (@tatu). “Secondly, the third month is not a critical time. I’m in a great and adequate shape and I’m intended to perform at least until October. And last thing, there’s nothing to worry about. You know this song, ‘I’m pregnant, but it’s temporarily’. Ha-ha…”

They also announced that their third album will be titled ‘Upravleniye Otbrosami (Waste Management)’ and provided details on their new American-Russian movie ‘Finding t.A.T.u.’, a full length music drama for youth based on Alexey Mitrofanov’s novel ‘Tatu Come Back’, with the budget of $12 million.

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