Tatu’s Julia Attacks Christina Aguilera And Kylie Minogue

Contributed by skiplest:

In the latest issue of the Polish edition of Bravo, the Russian lesbian duo t.A.T.u. talked about the MTV EMAs. In the interview, Julia Volkova made some comments about Christina Aguilera and Kylie Minogue. On Christina, she says, “She’s not interesting at all! She’s got so muuuuuuuuch make-up on her face! If you put so much make-up on someone they’ll always be beautiful. But such beauty goes away with the make-up. Have you seen Christina Aguilera with no make-up? A nightmare!” And on Kylie, she said, “And by the way, that’s the whole Kylie Minogue? The star? She’s nothing more than an old bitch!”

James Gooding Still Loves

March 5, 2003 – WENN reports James Gooding is hoping to reconcile with Kylie Minogue. “We are two people who love each other very much,” he said. “But everyone wants to put our relationship into a nice little box and make it something neat by saying ‘They’re back together’ or ‘they’re off’, but relationships aren’t always that straight forward. Neither of us are going to be able to find out if we are meant to be together or not unless we are left alone.”

Gooding Hits Rock Bottom After Kylie Minogue Bust-Up

March 4, 2003 – Contributed by miki:

The Sun reports Kylie Minogue’s ex-lover James Gooding has secretly checked into a private rehab clinic for treatment for depression following their post Brit Award bust-up. “James is very depressed at the moment,” a pal said. “He desperately wants to be with Kylie and he can’t bear the thought it is all over.” James went over the edge seeing Kylie doing a sexy onstage performance with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. “James was spitting blood,” the pal added. “He told Kylie she was making a fool of herself by flirting with Justin – and that’s when she told her bodyguards to keep him away from her.”

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One thought on “Tatu’s Julia Attacks Christina Aguilera And Kylie Minogue

  1. Sharkysparky says:

    Did Xtina, or Kylie say anything back (or did they say something rude 1st to provoke the wrath of Yulia)? Is there a video where she disses both Kylie & Christina Aguilera? I seen a video where Yulia was dissing Kylie on YouTube saying her outfit looked retarded or something….and on the vid it just shows Kylie laughing. I like Yulia but, d@mn what’s she got against Kylie yo? Do they not get along for some reason? Some of Kylie’s outfits have been a little strange (like the 1 in “Can’t Get you out of My Head”) but, she’s hardly a b!tch from what I’ve seen, and even without make-up I doubt she’d be ugly. Seems pretty tactless & stuck-up to call such a person who seems so sweet an “old b!tch”.

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