Tatu’s Julia Volkova Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Yulia Volkova, seen here at the hospital without makeup, talks about giving birth to a baby boyFootage of t.A.T.u. star Julia Volkova in a hospital room apparently getting ready to give birth on Thursday (December 27) has been posted online. During the clip, Julia communicates in Russian with her boyfriend and the baby daddy Parviz Yasinov (who is married to Masha Veber according to Wikipedia), exchanging a kiss at one point.

A posting on the Russia pop duo’s web site on Thursday stated: “This morning at 6:35 AM (Moscow time) Yulia Volkova’s son was born. Weight – 3400 g, height – 52 cm. The birth went without any difficulties. Both mother and baby feel good.”

A second message posted on Thursday stated: “Guys, thank you very much for all your congratulations! Some details. The birth went fast and without any difficulties. Last night Yulia and Lena had a New Year party in a close circle of friends and their team. Yulia came home around midnight and was in bed by 2 AM, but at 4 she woke up realizing that the birth process started. Parviz took her to the hospital right away. So you see why the process went so fast – Yulia peacefully slept half of the time. Parviz was together with Yulia when she was giving birth, he didn’t leave her for a second and cut the cord off himself. The boy looks a lot like Daddy – as it should be. Yulia and Parviz keep the baby’s name in a secret.”

Watch the hospital footage below.

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5 thoughts on “Tatu’s Julia Volkova Gives Birth To Baby Boy

  1. Sarah Minnich says:

    how can she have a baby if she is a lesbian???!!!!!!

  2. Shannon says:

    Because if you do your research, you’ll find that it was a hoax set up by their idiot manager.

  3. Yvon says:

    She isn’t lesbian. She’s straight. She have boyfriend, so respect her, please. I know I think when she is with a girl, and make her more hotter.

  4. DD says:

    Yulia is the best!!! I Love her!!

  5. LoriAnn says:

    she is not a lesbian! if you’ll research it, you’ll find that it was a hoax set up by their sick idiot manager like Shannon said! their manager said it would make the famous and make more money and them at the time being young singers and not really know what they were doing so they went for it and that’s why she had to have a abortion the first time because their manager said he was gonna drop them if she had the baby!!

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