Tatu’s Julia Volkova With Tour, Movie & Pregnancy Update

Yulia Volkova of t.A.T.u.

star Yulia Volkova checked in with fans on the duo’s official web site on Tuesday (July 24). She writes:

Guys, hello-o-o-o!!!

I was really bad, couldn’t get back to YOU for such a long time with life news :-) Everything’s very cool… We’re playing shows in Kazakhstan now, a lot of flying – you know the kind of plane we had to fly? AN-24 – it is kind of an air balloon on wheels! Jolts, rattle – damn! The only thing that makes it easier- thoughts about the audience. We haven’t expected that so many people love us there! Big venues, people – and everybody’s so kind, energetic, shouting and dancing till they can… All’s positive!

Yesterday was our second day of shooting for the movie, at ZIL plant. We’ve been waiting for our turn for six hours… It’s such a rush we’re in –going from one place to another… The movie’s coming alone so f**king awesome, beautiful, fun, and the team is very professional.

As for my life… I’m the happiest, there’s a human being inside of me, who already gives me signs… Sometimes it’s strange to realize that soon I will give birth to my second child…

Well, enough of telling secrets… Don’t get blue, have some fun in what’s left of summer!

Tender kisses,

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