Tatu’s Katina Threatens To Murder Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church’s habit of insulting her pop rivals has gotten her in trouble with t.A.T.u.’s Lena Katina, according to The Daily Star. After Church claimed the faux lesbian duo “just sound real sh**”, adding that “on of them’s a minger as well” and that ‘All About Us’ was “awful,” Katina responded, “I will murder her. She should come to Moscow and then I will shoot her in the head just like in our video. No one has heard of her in my country – yet where she lives, everyone knows who we are. She must be very careful with her big mouth because bad things can happen to people.”

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3 thoughts on “Tatu’s Katina Threatens To Murder Charlotte Church

  1. SaNKa says:

    I usually agree with Charlotte’s comments on people but tatu rock and that is soooooo funny somebody finally lashed back out and shut the ***** up, I wouldn’t mess tatu, I bet Lena was being serious haha. Lena got so offended because she isn’t as pretty as Yulia and its obvious Charlotte meant her when she goes “One of them’s a minger”

  2. doodlez says:

    that’s a weird combo: a classical-type singer and a fake lesbian rocker. at least Lindsey and Hillary were in the same category of overhyped divas

  3. astrange1 says:

    I hope they meet. This Church girl is getting annoying and it would be hilarious to have the paparazzi film the Tatu chick kicking her fat ass.

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