Tatu’s Lena Katina Reacts To Weight & Music Criticism

Lena Katina of t.A.T.u.

Lena Katina of checked in with fans on the band’s official web site blog on Friday (April 25) following the premiere of their new single ‘220’ and in reaction to criticism from fans and Insider at the t.A.T.u. Blog. She writes:

Hello, guys! Well, the premiere happened! Thank you for your contradictory emotions, it’s actually cool that they all exist. I do want you to really get into our new song. ‘220’ may seem simple only at first glance, at least to me.

I’ve read the forum… I don’t want to ignore your reaction on our fu**-ups. Artists are human beings. We also feel, get tired, worry about different things, we have problems, bad mood, break-downs… But you don’t give a fu**. And you shouldn’t. Every artist has performances that are not-so-great, and I feel really down about Dubai gig (believe me, everything’s ok with our self-criticism)… I just want to say that no matter how crazy or not-so-crazy we are on stage, we never perform without emotions.

Do you really think we have no idea about what we sing?!… I’m shocked.

Anyway. A professional must always work with 200% result. And we will work like this. Insider wrote many things that we need to work at – I’m not going to repeat them. In June we’re leaving for the US for two months to stage the show.

As for extra fat and fat ass. If you like flat girls with just skin on the bones, go watch some fashion show. Yes, I’m not skinny – and I’m proud of it. At least one can hold on to something! If anybody’s interested, my weight is only 52 kg – and has been for a very long while. And I have no extra fat. If you don’t like it – don’t look at me!


Tatu Interviewed At Love Radio

March 5, 2008 – Video footage of t.A.T.u. visiting ‘Love Radio’ for a live interview on February 22nd has been posted online. Lena Katina is shown at the station’s lobby chatting for a bit before Julia Volkova arrives. Then they made it to the studio, where the pair presumably discussed their new album and Julia’s recent childbirth. Watch the clip, in Russian, below.

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7 thoughts on “Tatu’s Lena Katina Reacts To Weight & Music Criticism

  1. Viktorya says:

    Elena Katine, is the same weight as I am. I hate the fact that people are saying that she is fat, or has extra weight on her, that should not matter. What should matter is the music and how it affects people and shows them that they are not alone when feeling the way that they do, I love their music and their lyrics. Keep on singing t.A.T.u and do take breaks once in a while, stay healthy and happy. Love Viktorya

  2. Lena_fan_ says:

    ugh she’s right if you think she’s fat don’t look at her.

  3. tk says:

    Lena should be proud of what she has, she has nice tits and a fu**able fat ass which is totally sexy. I would stuff my **** in her ass everyday and fill her with ***

  4. Ian says:

    if she is fat, all girls should be fat, her figure is perfect 11/10 she’s gorgeous too, whoever thinks she is fat needs to get new glasses.

  5. Vera says:

    she is amazing… I love her.

  6. Lyuha says:

    Lena is not fat! She isn’t built super model skinny but most people aren’t. Who ever sai4 that can go fu** themselves cause if Lena isn’t good enough for them no one is. Lena forever! We love you (; Keep going and keep making the music we all love. Ohh and who fu**ing cares bout haters they only make you greater ^.^

  7. lizzie aragon says:

    Lena you are the best . . . I love your music . You are a beautiful woman your eyes so beautiful I am Mexican woman god bless you Lena

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