Taylor Hanson Marries As Pregnancy Rumors Swirl

Contributed anonymously:

Teen rockstar-Taylor Hanson, 19, married his on and off girlfriend of almost 2 years, Natalie Bryant, 18, at a small quiet ceremony in her home state of Georgia this past Saturday. According to sources, the ceremony was only attended by family and a few close family friends at a large resort called Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Ga. Many friends of the family found out about the wedding only after it happened. Reports of the wedding surfaced after a picture appeared online featuring Taylor, Natalie and the daughter’s of the minister who performed the wedding. There has been no comment from the camp as of yet. But this appears to have been a very hush-hush and secretive event. Another rumor is that the bride is currently 3 months pregnant (reasons being that her physical appearance has changed a lot since pictures of her were last seen) and that’s the reason this on and off romance suddenly became a lot more turned on

Link to the pictures at geocities.com/tweddingpic has since been removed.

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