Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Left Me For Camilla Belle

Taylor Swift spoke with UsMagazine.com at the CMA Awards in Nashville, admitting that her breakup with was due to the Jonas Brothers star hitting it off with Camilla Belle on the boy band’s ‘Lovebug’ video. “They’ve been together since we broke up,” Swift revealed. “That’s why we broke up – because he met her.”

Swift also talked about meeting on a taping of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. “I just couldn’t believe he was there!” Swift said. “He is absolutely my favorite person on the planet. For her to invite Justin Timberlake to come and be there to celebrate my album release week, it just says a lot about who Ellen is and how amazing she is.”

‘Ellen’ video at YouTube has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Left Me For Camilla Belle

  1. Michael says:

    Camilla Belle is my idol. I like her hair and her great body.

  2. JonasLove says:

    Ok Taylor you don’t know that it’s just you being an idiot and trying to get people to give you the “oh I’m so sorry I feel terrible he did that to you” I mean it’s all said and done and its time to let it go please we can all move on now because Taylor needs to stop talking bout this SERIOUSLY SHE ENDED THE PHONE CALL AS SAID BY HIM

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