Tears Flow As Kylie Minogue Meets Michael Hutchence’s Father

WENN reports Kylie Minogue had a tearful reunion with the father of ex-lover Michael Hutchence at her show in Sydney. “It was an emotional moment,” Kell Hutchence revealed. “She was sitting there quietly in her robe, pretty exhausted from the show, but just glowing. She was very gracious and just the same sweet girl I remembered, so friendly and good natured. It’s so easy to see why Michael loved her. I kept thinking ‘If only Michael could see her now…'”

James Gooding Says He & Kylie Didn’t Get Married

August 26, 2002 – Model James Gooding tells the Mirror that reports he and galpal Kylie Minogue had a Hindu marriage ceremony in Bali are untrue. “No, we didn’t get married,” he said. “Please! I’ve just got off a plane from Bali but no we didn’t get married.” As for any future plans, Gooding said, “And no, we haven’t got any plans to in the immediate future. Thank you. Have a nice day.”

Kylie And James ‘Marry’ In Bizarre Hindu Ceremony

August 25, 2002 – News of the World reports Kylie Minogue has “married” her lover James Gooding in a bizarre Hindu ceremony in Bali where they held hands and pledged eternal love. “We sometimes sacrifice a black chicken and scatter the blood to purify the building,” said a local. “But they didn’t want a big fuss.”

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4 thoughts on “Tears Flow As Kylie Minogue Meets Michael Hutchence’s Father

  1. tookute2btrue says:

    What?! If it is true why not tell the whole world that must be the most craziest thing someone would do for a wedding!

  2. leftofcenter says:

    Actually, when Hindus marry..they’re surrounded by a circle of family and friends. Rice is placed on their head, shoulders and lap. They walk around a fire three times and the husband says something, I forget.

  3. sugarbee20 says:

    thank you leftofcenter for understanding what a Hindu wedding is all about. Hindus don’t do sacrifices at weddings and such. people should get their facts straight before stating that a so called “local” said that’s what happens at a Hindu wedding, and before someone says “what would you know about it” I’m a Hindu, so i would know what happens at a Hindu wedding.

  4. MCRULES says:

    Well I’m a Hindu and I know that people will blow things out of proportion and stuff, and I agree with the others – there are no “sacrifices” at Hindu wedding, This is just writers and other people trying to take advantage of people ignorance of not knowing the “real deal” in stuff like this.

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