Teddy Geiger Shows Off New Home In Video Blog

Teddy Geiger, pictured here, offers fans a look inside his home

posted a new video blog for fans, where the singer songwriter showed off his new home while talking about having new songs coming soon and tour plans.

“Over here we’ve got the studio,” Teddy said after showing viewers what was in his kitchen and bedroom, “which is the most put together room in the whole place. In here I’ve been working on some new stuff for ‘The March’ and all that. We’ve got some new songs coming soon, so I’m pretty excited about that.”

Teddy Geiger offers fans a tour of his home, shown here with his whiteboard of songsAfter showing his whiteboard of songs, Geiger said, “We’re gonna be on tour in and October, so hopefully I’ll see you guys at some of those shows. We’re gonna be doing some of these new songs here acoustic and some more intimate shows. Some nice, small acoustic stuff of new and old songs. Hopefully I’ll see you guys at some of those shows.”

Watch the clip, posted today but probably several weeks ago since he’s talking about tour dates, at YouTube.

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