Teen People Power List Features Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff

Karen Thomas of USA Today reports that young Hollywood stars of today are showing their business savvy in ways unlike prior generations of stars. “We’ve seen an increase in young celebrities that control their own media empires,” says Amy Barnett, managing editor at Teen People.

The mag’s young readers “understand that true Hollywood power is not just being a great artist. It’s being a creative force.”

Amongst those making the mag’s first reader-selected Power List are at #4 and Lindsay Lohan at #2, while Ashton Kutcher topped the list.

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5 thoughts on “Teen People Power List Features Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff

  1. justincaseyes2 says:

    There was a time that I would have bet my life that Justin Timberlake would have been on this list. Not anymore. I always thought that he would have been a creative force. Guess those days are gone. What a shame.

  2. popfan_23 says:

    Funny how Ashton is the most powerful, yet all his movies flop

  3. popstar says:

    Justin IS on the list, he’s just in a lower spot.

    Well, we know how Lindsay got to the top.

  4. ihatehilary says:

    hilary would be higher, but Joel brings her celebrity status dooooooooown.
    we do?’, ‘no I don’t. tell me how?
    just like hilary!

  5. malferrari says:

    How did ashton become no.1? maybe coz he punks celebs and they’re all scared of him? lol iunno.’

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