Teen Popsters’ ‘Dirty Talk’ Dream Dashed By Dad

Jordan McCoy checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jordanmccoy) on Saturday (December 13) with a update. The teen pop singer writes:

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a fabulous Friday :) I was in the studio with dream today! Yay! I love recording.. can’t wait to start performing these.

We had 3 songs scheduled, but could only do 2 of them because Hunter’s dad told us she can’t sing our new song “Dirty Talk.” (It’s a song about how its okay for you to tell someone to not talk dirty to you)! I was kind’ve bummed but.. the other 2 songs are really awesome and I got to work with a new producer! Brinck’s a producer/songwriter/artist from Denmark and he’s so cool and alot of fun to work with. hopefully you’ll be able to hear them sooooon!!

happy holidays!!!!
xoxo JM

Hunter Pecunia also commented on the situation on her MySpace (@hunterpecuniamusic), echoing the remarks of Jordan about the message behind the song, though appearing to ignore her father’s likely concern about the song’s subject matter being inappropriate for his 13-year-old kid even if it speaks against “dirty talk”. Hunter writes:

Over-protective parents are such a pain sometimes! Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad more than life but honestly!! We went to the studio with 3 songs set up yesterday and could only record 2 because of him!! He had a problem with me singing our song “Dirty Talk” even though it’s about being annoyed with boys who talk dirty and telling them to stop. It was one of my favorite songs on the album, too :( I appreciate him looking out for me but when it comes to music I think I know what’s best for myself. I just wish he could see it too.

kisses, Hunter

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