Teenage Russian Lesbian (?) Pop Duo Tatu

Spin magazine has a brief article in their May issue on Russian pop duo Tatu. Created by a Lou Pearlman-esque former psychologist Ivan Shapovalov, Yulia Volokova and Lena Katina have been signed by Interscope and plan to release an album this summer. Production guru Trevor Horn will produce several tracks on the album, though it is unclear whether they’ll be marketed in North America. The pair’s remix track can be downloaded on their official website, and features the two teen singers making out throughout the techno-pop song wearing schoolgirl outfits.

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2 thoughts on “Teenage Russian Lesbian (?) Pop Duo Tatu

  1. Eugenia says:

    Oh, I know them. They came with concerts to my country and as I speak Russian well, I can tell you one thing-their producers (and maybe the girls themselves) are sick!!

    I mean they are about 16-17 years old and they already told to the media that soon they are going to marry each other! Poor girls-these producers make whatever they want with them!

    And some people told me about that concert that took place in my city-a lot of people were there (mostly teenagers of course) and these girls made some kind of contest: they invited 2 boys and 2 girls and made them kiss each other (girl with girl, boy with boy)!!! LMAO!!! I mean I guess for some of the girls it’s ok to kiss their friends on lips, but for the boys……..

    So they are totally crazy… And by the way one of the songs on their upcoming album is called (in translation from Russian) – I Never Swallow… I wonder what?….:)

  2. mcmod says:

    To be honest, prejudiced people just make me sick. The songs that these girls sing are charged with something that 99 percent of today’s music is lacking. I doubt that they are lesbians, it’s just something that most people don’t understand because they have never felt this kind of closeness. Anyway, even if they are, I don’t give a *****ing *****!! If the girls see this, I want to say to them: in my opinion what you are doing and creating is something that goes straight to the soul, so don’t take notice of stupid people. The world is just full of them.

    And to the people who have commented before me -> no one is making you listen to Tatu and their personal life is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

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