Teenager Saw Michael Jackson’s Secret Room

17-year-old Ahmed Elatab has revealed has a secret bedroom in his Neverland ranch where children stay overnight. “It is his secret room. Anyone is welcome to stay the night or even a few days,” he told the Sunday Mail.

Elatab added that Jacko lost his temper if anyone mentioned Martin Bashir’s documentary. “When I asked about that famous interview, that’s the only time I ever saw him get mad but not at me of course, at Martin Bashir,” he said. “The only questions he doesn’t like are about his plastic surgery and Bashir. But I could ask him anything else. He said he’s not gay, that people are jealous and out to get him. And he likes women. He says he sleeps with some of his kids’ nannies.”

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6 thoughts on “Teenager Saw Michael Jackson’s Secret Room

  1. rachell says:

    “He likes women. He says he sleeps with some of his kids’ nannies.” ha ha Now that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

  2. sxyrussiangirl says:

    It’s very easy to make fun of Michael Jackson, but everyone forgets all the good he has done, and how much he gave and help raise money for sick children. The reason why Michael acts like a child is probably because he has never really had a real childhood. Its like people are out to get him to make money form he. I feel sorry for him. He is the king of pop, there will never be another Michael Jackson, and once he is gone I think some people will regret they way they manipulated him. I think some people need a good reminder of all the great things Michael has done, he’s a legend, and never be forgotten.

  3. rachell says:

    So we should excuse his molestations because he did something good? Freak

  4. rachel says:

    Yes he likes women unlike you man woman queenlambflops a.k.a Rachell the 40 year old hermaphrodite. You like young boys/girls eh? Disgusting that is why you are so quick to know the facts. I hope the cops arrest your ass.

  5. sxyrussiangirl says:

    Who says he is guilty? Do you know?? Because I don’t if he is guilty he has to get what he deserve and I’m not talking giving the child billions of dollars I’m talking jail time. But if he ain’t just leave him.

  6. nikechild19 says:

    He sleeps with kids nannies? That is so gross

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