TeenPeople’s Win The Chance To Meet Britney Spears

Contributed by Fan:

As much as we TeenPeople.com’ers love , we figured, wouldn’t it be cool if we had one of our users cover the VIP party she’s throwing in NYC to celebrate the release of her new book and DVD, Stages? Tell us, in 100 words or less, why you deserve to be our reporter for a day; if we’re wowed by your submission, then you and a friend will go to Britney’s big release party on December 6, where you’ll MEET BRITNEY SPEARS! She’ll autograph your copy of Stages and take a picture with you; please be aware that since TeenPeople.com is not providing airfare or any transporation whatsoever, ONLY THOSE IN THE NYC AREA should apply. Deadline for submissions is December 2 (Britney’s bday!). Good luck!

Tell us why you deserve to be the reporter at: TPBritneyStages@aol.com

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