Tegan And Sara Recoil At Avril Comparisons

The Age caught up with twins Tegan and Sara, the Canadian pop-punk duo that are quick to point out group’s they’ve been compared to, but recoil at the suggestion they’re like fellow Canuck Avril Lavigne. “Oh yeah, we get the Go-Gos, we got the Breeders a lot on this record, even PJ Harvey, which is cool,” Tegan said, referring to their sophomore effort ‘If It Was You’. “These comparisons I relate to. But people do actually compare us to sometimes, and I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? How bored and lazy are you?’.” Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Tegan And Sara Recoil At Avril Comparisons

  1. babet says:

    pop punk Canadian girls……of COURSE you’re gonna be compared to Avril. be f***kin thankful you got a f**kin record deal. you probably wouldn’t have if Avril didn’t open up pop/punk Canadian music to the mainstream. and if people compare you to Avril…….be flattered. and if you even match Avril’s success and popularity….be god damn thankful. there’s a f**kin reason. no need to be in denial.

  2. brizzitney says:

    No, if I were them, I’d be more thankful if they compared me more to Veruca Salt instead of Avril Lavigne. Veruca Salt rocks hard and they kick so much ass. It would be an insult to be compared to Advil Latrine. She sucks live anyway.

  3. breez says:

    that’s disgusting I would definitely take it as an insult.

  4. kellyismad says:

    Considering that Tegan and Sara’s FIRST album came out in 1999 and Avril’s didn’t come out until 2002, it is highly unlikely that Avril *ahem* opening up the pop/punk Canadian music to the mainstream had ANYTHING to do with them getting a record deal.

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