Terra Naomi Guilt Blogging

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@terranaomi) on Tuesday (September 30). The American singer songwriter tells readers:

My friend James is writing a blog so I felt like I needed to write a blog, too.
I feel guilty and lazy when I think about the fact that somewhere, someone is blogging, and it isn’t me.
Thing is, there are people blogging all over the world, all the time.
People are twittering and zanneling and blogging and fu**ing and… I’m off topic.
And Then I start to feel bad because I know my blog won’t be as good as James’ blog.
See, he’s blogging because he actually has something to blog about.
Also, he’s really mean, so his blogs are more fun to read.
I’m guilt-blogging.
Just wanna keep up.
Nothing to say.
Not really.
Just don’t want to be lazy.

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