Terra Naomi Keeps Busy Autographing Items

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@terranaomi) on Tuesday (October 14). The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

Yesterday was spent signing things for you people. I asked for some special free gift ideas, and you guys basically wanted everything I already had planned for you – signed guitar picks, shirts, buttons, etc. Some of you wanted predictably weird sh** like “go on a date with you!” and i’m sorry to inform you that I will not be sending “go on a date with you” along with your CDs. First of all, I have no concept of how to package and ship that, and secondly… Just NO.

As many of you know, most “autographed” band stuff is not actually autographed by the band. (and for those of you whose dreams I just shattered, I apologize.)

HOWEVER – now, when you order TERRA NAOMI AUTOGRAPHED SH**, it will actually be SIGNED BY ME.
not a printed signature (like the guitar picks that came with my ‘virtually’ cd – those were printed in a factory. I never even touched ’em.)

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