Terra Naomi Weighs In On Today’s Election

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@terranaomi) on Tuesday (November 4), commenting on today’s elections and Proposition 8, which will change the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in California. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

It’s election day. In under 24 hours we will know the results. It’s looking good, at least from where I sit, but I can’t relax until I know the final counts.

And, to be honest, I’m VERY concerned about prop 8. The fact that I’ve seen “yes on prop 8” banner ads on MySpace, non-stop, ALL DAY LONG, is really upsetting. This is 2008. There was a time in our country’s history, not so long ago, when it was illegal for a white person to marry a black person.

Why is proposition 8 even an issue? It is a discussion which should exist only between groups of bigots… not something which is up for debate while we are about to elect our first African-American president. We have come so far, in some ways… and saying that we’ve “come so far” feels ridiculous to me since “coming so far” simply means overcoming our disgusting natural states of hatred, bigotry and ignorance.

That being said, better that we overcome it than NOT overcome it, since it was (and still is) there to begin with. Ok. Enough of that… at least for now…

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