Terry George Forgives Michael Jackson For Masturbation Call

Terry George spoke with The Mirror about how he struck a friendship with at the age of 13, only to be shocked after the pop star’s telephone chats turned sexual.

“He’d ring at 9pm on the dot three times a week and we became like best friends,” said Terry, now 42. “But on this night he sounded different. The line went quiet and I asked if he was still there. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, he asked me if I masturbated and that if I did, did I use cream? I was puzzled and said no. I said I didn’t know what he meant. When I paused he said, ‘Would you believe that I am doing it right now?’ and I could hear down the line he was making strange noises. It made me feel confused and uncomfortable.”

Terry added that Jackson called him earlier this year after taking an interest in the web site he founded, gonetoosoon.org, where users post tributes to people who die young. “He phoned me out of the blue and we both made our peace about what had happened in the past,” Terry said. “I’ve forgiven him for what happened. He told me he had been under a lot of pressure recently. I think he was a very confused man who never grew up and lived a tormented life.”

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63 thoughts on “Terry George Forgives Michael Jackson For Masturbation Call

  1. SHANNON says:


  2. lola says:

    fu** you Shannon, unlike you not actually KNOWING Michael Jackson, I DO know Terry George and also know he wouldn’t lie about something as huge as this. Michael was always a bit odd and I wasn’t surprised one bit when I read this. get over yourself love!

  3. drew dicks says:

    people can say anything now he’s dead , Terry George should just STFU.
    and stop grabbing headlines

  4. Graham says:

    I find this all very disturbing. As a man who claims to be a self made millionaire and philanthropist… it seems far more likely that he made his money by exploiting, as he is once again now, his relationship with Michael Jackson which no doubt lead to a multimillion pound payout which in turn has lead to his enormous personal wealth now. Please correct me if I’m wrong but he seems more of a hedonistic self publicist than anything else. He even used Jackson’s death to get his face back on TV with his apparent ‘sympathy’, I’d be pretty sure Jackson wouldn’t have wanted this guy to be all sad after it was probably him that opened the floodgates on people suing Jacko in the first place thus leading to his bankruptcy, stress, mental state etc. If Jackson did it then it was George’s responsibility to take action against him to protect other children, not spend a lifetime living off the publicity and settling out of court.

  5. Monique says:

    Why can’t people just leave him alone?
    The poor guy’s not even alive to defend this bulls***.

    To lola:
    “Just because you read it in a magazine,
    or see it on the TV screen,
    Don’t make it factual.” – Tabloid Junkie by Michael Jackson

  6. MIMI says:

    It’s a lie. Why didn’t he say it years ago why is he saying it now?

  7. Georgia says:

    I was just reading the accusation Chandler made against Michael. He made it sound very convincing, but then I slapped myself and thought, ‘Michael was not a very sexual man from what I’ve heard. Chandler is lying.’ I believe 100% that Michael is innocent. I mean, harassing a child?! That’s some rapist, not Michael Jackson.

  8. IWillAlwaysBeAround says:

    wow at least think of something vaguely believable

  9. Rhonda Hickmott says:

    Graham ..I know Terry George,and believe me he is one of the kindest most thoughtful people I have ever known..This man didn’t make his fortune from Selling stories to the press about Michael Jackson or anyone else for that matter.. He made it through sheer determination and hard work..He worked his way up from the bottom ,,and he has has shared his wealth with others who have very little. He has opened up his beautiful home for charity functions,set up a site called GONE TOO SOON, where people who have lost loved ones can go and set up memorials..He was approached by a newspaper and what he told them was the truth and nothing but. Michael Jackson was a genius where music was concerned ,but Like Terry and thousands of others including myself have said ..He was a troubled man who never wanted to grow up..For all the wealth he had he was a lonely pitiful man and I for one of many felt sorry for him..He never had any real friends ,they were hangers on..I was sad to hear of his passing away as indeed Terry has expressed his sadness to and perhaps you should read the tribute to Michael on the GONE TOO SOON SITE..created by Terry George. A very kindhearted man who doesn’t deserve the nasty remarks made on here about him.
    Rhonda Hickmott.

  10. Graham says:


    Having googled Terry George all I can see is a series of pitiful attempts at self publicity, TV appearances, news shows etc. Even GONE TOO SOON has advertising on it and he had the cheek to interrupt a sky news interview to publicise it.

    I’ve also noticed that the guy is teetotal and yet is happy to make millions exploiting the mislead young hedonists who frequent his bars and clubs destroying their livers with drink and drugs while he lives in a castle. Isn’t this the ultimate in hypocrisy and exploitation? How can this be justified?

    How were these newspapers to know to ‘approach’ him? And surely he couldn’t have been stupid enough to think that accusing MJ of masturbating down the phone to a teenager wasn’t going to have massive implications and result in court cases, publicity and a potentially huge payout. It is pretty clear Mr George is a very intelligent and enterprising man who wouldn’t have done any of this unwittingly…

  11. L Lawliet says:

    LOL, Rhonda’s an idiot, and so is lola.
    some pro-Michael Jackson people here may not exactly be the most intellectual, but at least they’re not quick to believe ridiculous claims.

    If you have the guts to seek for truth and hopefully accept it, reading the official court-transcripts of the 2005 trial would be a good start.

    SOME Michael Jackson fans may not be the most intellectual people around, but they acknowledge the truth and is willing to accept it.

  12. Arianna says:

    Wow.. so what if he masturbated.Its normal! When your under a lot of stress and need sex or something but can’t get it but in his case (too afraid of the idea).You masturbate,he was probably doing it before he was on the phone with him and I like how he’s open-minded and how he can come right out and say it;its perfectly normal.The kid probably felt weird about it because you know..he was 13 years old.Michael was like 19 or 20? It doesn’t really matter to me,he’s human.

  13. gloria says:

    Sadly this seems to follow a pattern of Michael’s . The phone calls, etc. I think that there’s probably some fire here, as there’s been so much smoke. Just seems to follow a similar pattern as described by so many of the victims who have spoken out about Michael’s behavior. This is very painful, as I love Michael and his music. I just cannot turn a blind eye and pretend I don’t see what is so, to me, glaringly evident. I think perhaps he was so repressed, and not trusting, of the “adult world” having been exposed to way too much when he was just a child himself.

    Seems that Michael was very good at lying to himself, and deeply needed fantasy, literally to survive his inner pain and torment. This might have allowed him to not see any pain that may have been felt by the young children he may have gone too far with. Seeing their pain would’ve have been intolerable to him, as he really really wanted to help others, and in his own mind may have believed,with all his heart, that he’d “never harm a child”. He just, rationalized, told himself that being sexual with children would not harm them. In today’s world view, most people see adults as being sexual with children as very harmful to the child, and deeply repulsive as well. Just breathing the word “pedophile” in the same breath as Michael Jackson is often enough, it appears to set off enraged responses in “fans”.

    He struggled in his later years to be like everyone else, and tried mightily, from what I’ve read and the hours of video I’ve watched, to make a lasting bond with a woman. Seems he just didn’t have the emotional maturity necessary. How could he have it? He had to skip important stages of development because of the unusual demands that his family and career places on him at such a tender age. He was human, deeply and tragically flawed, like so many of us. He tried so very hard, and I believe in the end, what he wanted more than anything, was to be loved and accepted for who he was. Does anyone who may read this, not also feel the same about themselves?

    He was a genius, and I believe a gentle lost and anguished soul. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson.

  14. rhonda says:

    Gloria, You’ve so eloquently said what I also feel.

  15. Rhonda Hickmott says:

    Graham .could this be a little bit of jealousy coming out in some of the comments you have made.. lets on your part.. Starting with your comment about selling alcohol in his clubs. he’s a club owner, it is quite normal to sell drinks in clubs and pubs!,,( I don’t wear false nails but I put them on other people as it is their choice!! as for the advertising on “Gone Too Soon ” it is a non profiting site..It was originally payed for by Terry himself,but it became so big he had to get sponsors in to advertise..So what ! isn’t that the norm? also the people that use the site can sponsor it also..Very worthwhile too I might add..I use it along with thousands of others and draw on comfort from it..and why shouldn’t Terry live in a castle He has worked hard for it,. I admire Terry tremendously he is as unselfish as you can get, he has probably helped more people since becoming wealthy than you have had hot dinners, and whilst we are at it..Terry didn’t make any money out of the M.J CASE. AND FROM WHAT I HEARD He was asked to attend the court in the U.S. BUT DECLINED.. SO SLEEP ON THAT..FOR ALL YOU JUDGES OUT THERE PLEASE DON’T MAKE UNFAIR COMMENTS ABOUT SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW and about things you think might have happened.. Also for the record I was/am a M.J FAN …please don’t mix me up with the other Rhonda on here ,I will always sign myself Rhonda Hickott

  16. jo says:

    Terry George or whatever his name is needs to get a life. He’s obviously so pleased with himself and you can tell he’s secretly delighted that he thinks Michael Jackson wanted phone sex with him

  17. really? says:

    Gloria and the Rhonda and Lola, can you enlighten us on why someone would make a tribute to a person who did such to them and talk about how generous they were. Can you also explain why he came out to say he has forgiven MJ when MJ is dead and cannot defend this story he is saying about MJ calling him up and apologizing? This just seems like a guilty man trying to make up for what he did and Rhonda and Lola you claim we don’t know MJ but you know this guy, well how can you know for sure that MJ did it if you have not met him? And please do tell him that the person who will be doing the forgiving is MJ and not him, he should quit playing that useless card. And of course the stories all talk about MJ calling them because everyone who has ever talked about him has said he first of all talked to them on the phone or talked on the phone alone, that proves nothing.

  18. Tammy says:

    I am a big MJ fan but I believe Terry’s story. It amazes me how these beautiful women can come out and say they had sex with MJ and other fans immediately believe it but as soon as it is not something you wanna hear you tune it out. To be honest this story probably has more truth in it than any story from a female claiming to have had an affair with him.

  19. strid says:

    Hi all, just saw the documentary of Louis Theroux (youtube.com/watch?v=Jba0HwBp3NQ). Then, MJ was still alive and Terry told the same story, on camera. It’s consistent with the story of Taraborelli (i.e. before the raid photographs of kids in underwear had to be taken out of Neverland). I prefer to think MJ was a twisted and tormented soul. See the whole documentary of Theroux. The atmosphere around Joe Jackson is terribly cold.

    Obviously Terry is a man of integrity. He just was honest about the story and did forgive Michael.

    R.I.P. Michael

  20. daire says:

    Michael Jackson wouldn’t even get sexual with his wife properly, nevermind a child. seriously this is such bullsh**, people need to leave him alone

  21. Switchfootgirl says:

    You know what I think.I don’t believe this crap.I find it strange that he was able to keep his own kids and yet when it came to others,he supposedly did this.People are just making stuff up on him.His kids loved him,he didn’t hurt them so why would he hurt other kids?All of these kids supposedly saying that he did this and that to them are doing this crap because their parents told them.Take Jordan Chandler for example.After MJ died,he comes out and says “I made all of this up because of my dad.MJ didn’t do this.” If he can make it up,so can any other one of these kids.It’s always best to hear both sides of the story.Even if you do know Terry George,whoever the heck this guy is,you don’t know Michael Jackson.So you can’t make your true opinion yet.Yes,MJ did have it hard as a child and he was very childlike.And I agree with many others,it seems that when someone abuses children and treats them bad then everyone overlooks it but the minute someone is nice to them,you’re ready to hang them.What would you had rather he done?Be like many of the child abusers in the world?He was not like that.I don’t know him or Terry George but from everything I’ve seen of MJ,he wouldn’t do this.MJ didn’t even like to talk about sex.On a an interview with Martin Bashir,he was asked did he actually have sex with Debbie Rowe.He was so embarrassed to even talk about it.This Terry George person is one of the parasites that just wanted to bring Michael Jackson down.Even when I wasn’t a MJ fan,I knew MJ did none of this.And if this be the case,and I say this everytime someone brings this up,if this be the case that he did this to all of these children,why do the parents keep letting him near their kids?They’ve heard the rumors but yet they trust them.So it’s money.You guys need to go listen to Tabloid Junkie and Money for that mater.How would you guys feel to be accused of this even though you didn’t do it?Exactly,you wouldn’t like it.You ones that are believing this crap,you need to get a life.You truly don’t know.MJ is not here to defend himself,leave him alone.I can’t blame him for wanting to get away from you people,I would too.All he ever wanted to do was make people happy and when he did,it all got blew back up in his face.If you guys want to believe this stuff then fine but I don’t.I believe you guys that are agreeing with Terry George are the ones in denial.I love MJ so much,so much,you wouldn’t believe it.I thin more people should be like him.He’s not God but he was a great human being.He’s my second favorite,right after Switchfoot,but I love him just the same.I’m oh so happy that you hypocrites believe that it’s okay to judge.Judge and ye shall not be judged.God is your judge.You guys don’t sit high enough to judge whether or not he did it.After all the stuff that the tabloids have made up on him,why should we believe this?

  22. Tyona says:

    It isn’t that hard to believe , he was a confused man who had a very hard life and could not live a ”normal” one. I personally don’t think that IF he did it is a big deal. I think he was just confused and alone IF he did do that, There is a HUGE possibility that it could all be faults. Either way I Love him more that anything and we should all give him his privacy and leave him alone. R.i.p MJ <3

  23. Tyona says:

    Okay, so wait does any one know were to hear this phone conversation??

  24. Lilly Australia says:

    All I will say is everyone grows up and explores sexuality in different ways. Michael had a strange life growing up and was probably wondering what it was all about with no one to trust and ask whats normal he didn’t know. Trust me that normal loving people find there feet in life in different ways, it doesn’t make them crazy or bad…it makes them complex human beings. I love Michael and he was a special guy, not a bad man. LOVE YOU MJ XOX

  25. beccii says:

    some of you may know Terry George personally, but sometimes you can be the closest of friends with someone and not realize what they are like. Look at some people who find out that their husband is a serial killer etc. I know I didn’t know Michael personally, but his life was exploited more than any others. to the point where yes, we can all say we feel we knew Michael personally. Its hard to keep up a charade in front of cameras 24/7 in front of the whole world hence the reason I believe Michael was the person we all know and love : a musical genius, amazing dancer, kindest person to ever live, and a true legend. I love you Michael <3.

  26. kiama says:

    Come on people. Michael J. knew exactly what he was doing. Don’t make excuses for him.

  27. Tanni says:

    Ok it’s a long time gone since the last post here, but I read all comments and I had to laugh really.

    If you read this. Which children do you mean hum? I know three kids who claimed that Michael abused them. Gavin Arvizo lied that’s absolutely sure. Jason Francia lied too. Also absolutely sure. And Jordan said it because his father gave him some drugs. But there were more than 30 or 40 (!!) children who told the police that Michael never ever abused them and that he never did something wrong. Kids like Macauley Culkin, Sean Lennon but mostly unknown children. Some of them where there in 2005. They were grown man already but they still said the same. Michael Jackson did never abused one of them.

    Michael Jackson WAS innocent and there are enough evidence for it. You just have to search the truth and then you’ll find it. Three boys against 40 boys. And it is clear that Gavin, Jason and Jordan are liars. So why are you talking such bullsh** about Michael though you are claiming to be his fan? There were no victims. Neither in 1993 nor in 2005.

  28. MJLOVER says:

    I am too one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans!!
    … and I think this is a lie. Anybody can do this cause he dead now, and even if this is true why didn’t Terry George tell this story now and not before? I think Terry George just wants to grab the attention and headlines!! I mean lots of people do now like for e.g people claim there Michael Jackson was there secret lover, and that Michael Jackson was gay!! But these are completely false, you see know anybody can say anything cause his dead now!!
    So all you attention seekers I have four words to say to you, and that is….
    STOP MAKING UP BULLSH**!! and I know deeply in my heart Michael Jackson wouldn’t have done this cause he is a nice guy, may you rest in peace Michael Jackson. I love you <3

  29. ILY MJ says:

    I agree with MJLOVER, people want to get the attention and all that!
    I really hope this stops so MJ can rip!!
    I love you MJ forever and ever!!

  30. Robert says:

    I personally don’t care if it’s true or not. This does not mean that MJ is guilty. I believe he was always innocent. Terry George seems like a good man. If he really did do this, it is a bit odd but I still love MJ no matter what. Terry you are a good man.

  31. Secret Son! says:

    Sorry, but why do people love to do this to my Father?!! My Dad said it was actually the other way round. Terry was the one masturbating. Michael rang Terry. Terry was masturbating, Michael hung up in disgust. Terry was asking stupid question to my Father and even asked my Dad if he used the bathroom!.. Terry was hurt when my Dad broke off the friendship.. Dad was a genuine Jehovah Witness for years.. I think Terry is angry that my Dad cut him off quickly like that and never spoke to him for years.. Ask Janet if you think I lie!!..

  32. Kiama says:

    Gloria, I do not want to believe that MJ was a child liker, but there is too much pattern of incidences. Call it jealousy, envy, hater or whatever. You are right, mentioning the word pedophile to his fans enrages them. Sure when anyone has success, there is always someone that will be jealous of that person. As I read more info, MJ paid off several people. Why would Terry G. humiliate himself by saying that a man engaged in telephone sex with him as a child? There isn’t any money to be made from this or popularity. MJ was not innocent when it came to sex. I read those transcripts and they were not pretty. I do believe the hot air balloon, welfare fraud, and the k-mart scam. Mr Chandler’s recorded telephone conversation made him look stupid. However, those boys could not have made up details of sex. Twisting the nipple, kissing the other and masturbating himself. MJ asked the boy if he masturbated and he denied it. MJ became angry and said he was lying. Uhhh, that sounds bad. Oh boy, those words are detail-oriented and specific. Was there something going on here?

  33. Kiama says:

    Lilly Australia, MJ was a sweet, kind, charitable man with electrifying God gifted talent. Personally behind closed doors he was another person. In ghetto terms, I think MJ was fronting. He had the world fooled by his sweetness. When it came to sex, MJ knew exactly what he was doing. Sorry to disappoint you with my comment, MJ was not fooling me.

  34. Kiama says:

    Becci, MJ was great, but he had his fans fooled. When I saw pictures of him and looked at his face he seemed so innocent. MJ seemed to be very manipulative and calculating and played upon the sympathy of his fans. When I read those transcripts about MJ sexual experiences and exchanged words with the boys,which I believe a lot of them were true, shocked me. After, I came down from the initial disbelief then reality set in. He was a person just like anyone else. MJ knew exactly what he was doing. Fame,fortune and a god-like aura can blind you. Those boys were not lying about everything. MJ’s sweet demeanor sold the world and his fame and fortune was a back-up.

  35. Kiama says:

    Rhonda Hickmott I do not quite understand the jealousy regarding the other persons comment. As far as Terry George is concerned, I feel he is telling the truth. He’s a multi-millionaire and he had no interest in MJ sexually. Terry earned his money through determination and hard work. He had nothing to gain from this. He simply told the truth and his fans do not want to accept it. I believe deep down inside they know it is true. MJ was sweet but he also had an image to keep. I understand at times in his home he was angry . I do not believe the boys were lying. I do not buy the psychobabble of the reason that MJ turned out confused ’cause of his dad. His dad may have beaten the Jackson boys. MJ uses this story to divert the attention away from his lavish lifestyle, irresponsibility of spending money, and sexually molesting boys. He plays on the fans sympathy. MJ is a grown man with male hormones that can experience sexual arousal to it’s fullest potential. The way fans portrayed him, you’d think he was a saint. The porno magazines in his child’s bathroom cabinet shocked me. That is an indication that MJ did things behind closed doors that we will never know about. People can do whatever they want in their own home. This doesn’t mean he was guilty, it is just the way the world portrayed him as a god. Not that it is any of my business, I wonder if MJ was doing anything illegal?

  36. katpoochie says:

    If what Terry George has stated is true, why would he not put every effort he has into exposing Michael to make children more aware of sexual child abuse both then & now ? George acts as if he cares so much about children but who in their right mind would say they had a wonderful friendship with a person who did something as he is stating. I don’t know George or Michael but I do know as an adult & parent if I was involved with a person who acted as George said Michael did, I would do everything in my power to let all children know it is unacceptable. Instead George claims to have forgiven Michael because he had a hard life ! So what he is actually saying is “kids, if this ever happens to you & as long as he or she is a mega star & has a difficult life, it is ok & just forgive them”. It is common sense, look at the facts. Also, if it was true, why would he not speak against Michael in the trial to help the child ! I have learned that you can NEVER believe any person who speaks out bouth sides of his mouth & that is what George does.

  37. Louis says:

    Yet, if Michael did this, I still don’t see how that correlates with the sexual abuse cases. I mean Michael was 20/21 when this supposed call to Terry George took place and he was in my opinion still young enough to talk to a 13 year old about masturbation. I mean when I was 14 a lot of my friends who were older would talk to me in jest about it. Also if Michael asked forgiveness, then he must have realized in contemplation what he did was wrong then and called to ask forgiveness so he could move on in his own life. Overall, I doubt Gavin and Chandler accusations only in the many little things that didn’t make sense in their cases. Overall, God bless Michael’s spirit, and God bless Paris, Prince, and Blanket.

  38. Louis says:

    Wait Kiama didn’t Terry George receive his money through an adult gay chatline? While, I think hard work got him to his millions of dollars, I don’t think the best thing for a person to be associated with is an adult gay chatline.

  39. umhh says:

    Rhonda Hickmott I have one question: where was this urgency to tell the truth when MJ was alive? why couldn’t Mr. Terry provide his side of the story when the “troubled” star was as usual being troubled. Yes. MJ was a lonely, troubled man who lived a tormented life, and can this is be a justified reason for him to sexually abuse kids? We know the molestation charges were proved attempts of extortion and have proof as well to support, then why is it impossible to trust MJ when he says “i am INNOCENT”? Perhaps this will never stop! There will always speculation, child sexual abuse a term always linked to his name and many more stories to come or perhaps the “urgency to tell all” will become news now that the man I dead. I hate this world the more I know it. And thanks to those who have supported him and denied the truthfulness of the story .

  40. umhh says:

    Kiama “The porno magazines in his child’s bathroom cabinet shocked me” where did you read this? tabloid junkie? And even if it was there, does that mean he sexually abused kids? Or the location of the magazine signifies the application of it (i.e) in child’s cabinet and to children? There is a taped conversation of him with a friend on YouTube where he talks about his longing to have someone(woman) to love (hear it out if you please). He was a man after all, shamone.

  41. kristine says:

    just leave Michael Jackson alone please…… give him the peace and serenity he longed for… leave him alone… I’m pretty sure that everyone once sang an MJ song…

  42. Gintoki-san says:

    If Terry George believes Mike never grew up then would he have sexual phone conversations?

    Because last time I checked children aren’t sexual.

    Plus why would he say that MJ tried to call him recently when he said in the article where he first claimed that “incident” that MJ ignored him when he tried to renew their friendship. Why would he even want to be friends with the man who supposedly scarred him? That crap just doesn’t add up.

  43. Divinity says:

    Divinity loves MICHAEL JACKSON.

  44. Crazyfrog says:

    Ok who cares if MJ masturbated? I KNOW he wouldn’t do it on the phone though, this is just garbage. I’m tired of MJ NEWS AFTER MJ NEWS, And none is ever good. I’m sure he masturbated and so do I, its normal and most guys do it and a lot of girls too. He was human you know, I don’t know why people are so obsessed with his private parts, god let him have some privacy

  45. ThaReal says:

    TERRY YOUR JUST A GREEDY MAN. Just because MJ is so famous this is the only reason you are bringing this up! If you are old enough to be friends with a 21 year old man at 13! this is what they will talk about, why are you trying to twist it around, you’re the one who is obsessed with him just because he’s rich and famous, I don’t know what happened exactly, and I don’t think it is appropriate for a 21 year old man and 13 year old to be so close that they talk on the phone each day, but, MJ didn’t develop into a man like the typical, he missed out on a lot, and maybe saw Terry as a the friend he’s always wanted – someone to confide in, it was a misunderstanding, a grown man like Terry should have recognized that, he didn’t have to tell the world, could have told MJ privately like a man, and I don’t buy that ‘a friend leaked’ BS. Please.

  46. Canuck Man says:

    All I can say is when I viewed Michael Jackson’s interview with Martin Bashir where at some point Michael remarked about seeing the “face of God” when glorifying children,to me,Michael appeared to be expressing a strange interest in kids. Finally if it’s true that Michael Jackson invited young boys for sleepovers and shared a bed with them it’s not exactly appropriate for an adult to share a bed with an unrelated youth(s) even if the adult wasn’t going to engage in perverted activity so to speak.

  47. anonamous says:

    I have known Terry George for over 20 years, he is a nothing but an attention seeker who is desperate to be in the news for anything, he would sell his own family if it got him publicity, his website that preys on people who have died has all different sponsors, he is very successful business man but is never satisfied and as a gay man himself should be disgusted at himself for selling such a story about someone who can’t defend himself R.I.P Michael Jackson , I hope they leave you alone

  48. Louise C says:

    Terry George is hardly a “credible” source is he!! I find it sad that people believe this fame-obsessed idiot, considering he says the conversation made him “uncomfortable”, he sure enjoys talking about it and appearing in Michael Jackson documentaries.
    Terry George runs gay hotlines, a gay adult inquiries service, a gay dirty messaging service, a gay magazine, a gay mail order service and a gay beauty contest. Source: Wikipedia
    I would say Terry George is far more WACKO then Jackson ever was…

  49. Robert says:

    Reading this makes it pretty obvious he’s lying.

    You want to know why? He claims Michael asked him is he masturbated and if he used cream.. Michael Jackson was uncircumcised, he wouldn’t use cream(lotion). Neither would Terry George who is Irish, which means he most likely was uncircumcised. Terry George is basing his story on Michael being circumcised most likely because he was born in the 50s in America.

    Terry is a known groupie.. Which is something he basically even admitted at times with his poor communication skills. Like Louise said, he runs a bunch of dirty things regarding homosexual men. He’s hardly credible.

  50. qqq says:

    me and my brother,when were 13 and 16, we used to talk about sex with my 22 cousins and his friends…. that’s normal

  51. Miluska says:

    Hello everybody. i was shocked when i saw that Terry George (as i was thinking a very good film artist)said something like that- and i was confusing if a Michael could did it real- because i believe in his innocence to this day. for first moment i was misdoubt about Michael. because a director Terry George is really great person. in second i was thinking how could be so great when he said something like this after a dead of somebody who could not oppose. i come in resolution, that despite the fact that Terry done a great films, he maybe isn’t such a great person like his films. but fortunately i was searching who this Terry George is- because there wasn’t describe that i was a director, so it could be another Terry George- AND THIS TERRY GEORGE ISN’T AN ARTIST TERRY GEORGE – THAT’S THE 2 DIFFERENT PERSONS. THIS IS THAT TERRY GEORGE terrygeorge.co.uk/about/michael-jackson/article/_Terry-George-at-Jacksons-trial-WRONG/



  52. Miluska says:

    IT IS NOT THIS TERRY GEORGE en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_George – :)

  53. youngjacksonlover says:

    Terry George was flipping lucky to have listened to Michael rub that. It’s like every girl or woman’s dream to listen to Michael rubbing that manhood of his. I’m only 13 and I flipping wish that I was Terry George at that time, I would listen to his passionate soft voice and the cries of the desires that he takes in while he sweetly does that for me. Whatever age he was I don’t care I just wish that I was there with him in fact. TO BE HONEST, I’M NOT VERY INTERESTED IN THIS TERRY GEORGE GUY. And to tell you the honest truth, all of these Jordie nonsense are just rubbish, a complete waste of Michael’s time and a complete waste of their life, I’m telling ya. If Terry George was telling the truth or not he was so damn lucky man I would have so wished to hear Mike make sexy moans while sweetly rubbing that manhood, damn I would have killed for that day. R.I.P Michael and God bless you, I will always continue to love you more each day and support you and your family including Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson. I’m 13 and all I can say is that I’m a young Jackson lover and his number 1 fan. :) xxx

  54. Stephanie (stephiee58) says:

    What knid of post did young Jackson lover post, what’s wrong with the person’s above comment, I’m also 13 and I’m not dirty minded, the Terry George stuff is a lie, I don’t believe anything until i see proof

  55. Visaliny says:

    God,I m tired…Michael is not that stupid to talk about masturbation when he really take care of his reputation as a musician!Plus why this Terry sh** talk about this now,after he died!

  56. Wendy Farrell-Austin says:

    Let me introduce myself…. My last name is different to years ago, but my first name remains the same.. I am Wendy..And many years ago in the early 1980’s Terry George would ring me up after eleven at night, many nights in the week. I used to live in Leeds. We talked and talked. Terry was very honest and sincere. He seemed then to be sad, and asked me could he ring me and talk to me at night. We did, and he will remember me. I learned that he had interviewed Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, and had a photo taken of them both, which he sent me, and I have still got it. He was proud of his achievement as he crept up the ladder of fortune. Although he has had his moments of unhappiness, which caused him heartache. Any one person can cast a shadow on another while that person suffers, but while those of you slate Terry for the past information he has given and others condem M.J. Then others do the opposite of both. You should consider that everyone has their own opinion, be it right or wrong. M.J was a Genius in music and dance, no dispute there. Terry was a good hard working business man. So what if he ran a Gay chat line… Good on him… Well done for initiative. He has done many more things too, and been a success through and through. I am sssoo pleased for him that he lives in a Castle. Times have changed, and perhaps Terry felt he was able to speak up, as many years ago it wasn’t seen to do so. As for M.J may he rest in peace. I was shocked when I heard of his death, which to this day I feel should not have been. I know he’s not able to defend himself, but let’s not be too nieve. HAPPY DAYS TERRY GEORGE xx Wendy…

  57. Marc says:

    Anyone who defends Terry and says he’s such a kind hearted man are idiots. He obviously feels guilt about using MJ as a stepping stone to achieve anything he has through hard work. I know Michael and he was a jokester he had a huge family with brothers who loved to prank. If this is true, which I doubt, it was probably a prank to get this stalker to stop calling. And his brothers that put him up to it were on the line cracking up, it was a joke and Terry knows it.

  58. Marc says:

    I’m not even gonna sugar coat it by saying as I did in my last comment “if this is true.” I know Terry isn’t lying and I know the whole story too which Terry won’t admit. He knows it Was a prank. Terry had been calling the house late and had become a neusance. So I believe it was Tito actually along with Latoya who put MJ up to it. Michael was not as innocent as you think, he had a lot of fun with the ladies and getting high at the club, just gonna say it, cause I know it, and I’m gonna remain anonymous to who I am. But back to the story it was planned and talked about one night MJ was at a club with some of his family and friends. I was there hanging out as a party friend of Tito. We were all drunk and high and Latoya got on the subject of groupies and something about teasing Michael about his little friend stalker “Terry” who had been calling the house late at night. Everyone was laughing at Mike about it, and Tito jokingly said next time he calls you should act like you “wacking it” Mike laughed and said “no way” in the conversation. So when we got back to the house that night we were all hanging out and the phone rang, immediately we burst into laughter at Mike cause Latoya answered and said it was Terry. Tito put Mike in a headlock and told him to do the joke. So Mike started talking to him with us all listening and kept smiling getting ready to say it. When he did the whole room bursted out laughing when Mike started making the noises, we were dying. Terry heard us all laughing and Mike told him it was a joke, but of course Mr. George never told the real story. We never thought much of it after that and the real story woulda never came out if it wasn’t for me just now. So now all you fans know the truth about something for once.

  59. Marc says:

    Terry was sad about being in the middle of a joke. And I don’t want it to seem like MJ was insincere about people’s feelings, cause he wasn’t. It was just one of those things that happened on one of those nights. A lot of people can’t see through the curtain to this side, now you can just don’t judge Michael on it. Like I said we were all egging him on his family and his family friends. Like Mike said he liked to maintain his privacy, and just cause you read about something you don’t get all the facts. I was just so tired of knowing what happened and sick of how it was twisted that I had to let it out. Sorry to the Family I know all this stuff usually stays private, but maybe people now will get a glimpse of MJ’s human-side, a down to earth shy and cool guy in his twenties.

  60. Wendy Farrell-Austin says:

    Well Marc… thanks for the information, which I’m sure you think would hopefully clear all this stuff up and put it to rest. I myself did say that Terry was honest and sincere. I believe he is. If he was the but of a sad joke then the ones on the other end should apologize to Terry and not expect sympathy themselves for such a joke. Albeit most people do have their jokes, and some have a sense of humor different to others. So if Terry was upset, then he perhaps feels he had a right to be. I think that bringing the issue into the open was fair enough. Terry has it off his mind and can move on, and those who YOU have named can also move on. The truth is out no matter who it came from and which version is the real one…. I don’t expect that those who were involved have any regrets, so it should all be left alone, and praise both men for their good qualities….. lots of love… Wendy

  61. Michelle says:

    Sounds to me that Terry George and Michael were boyfreinds..And Terry got mad because he got too old for Mike If its true. i dont think Mike was a pedophile but I do think he was gay or bi-sexual.

  62. soulhelper says:

    I believe Michael was tortured soul and still is. That’s why he won’t cross over. Guilty or innocent, there is a reason he is earthbound.

  63. Rebecca says:

    Terry George is full of it. All the lies made up about MJ. These is getting so far out of hand. I defend Michael Jackson from all these bull crap lies. Michael never sexually abused boys. So Terry shut your trap. Michael was telling the truth and that is who people should of listened too.

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