Testy & Defensive Lindsay Lohan Visits ‘The Tonight Show’

visited ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Friday (November 10) to promote her new film ‘Bobby’. Lohan also discussed her many injuries over the years, her party girl image, the paparazzi, and more. The 20-year-old was quite defensive in the first segment, telling Jay when she asked about Nicole Richie, “I mean, should I have invited Nicole to do the interview? Do you want to talk about me or Nicole?” Meow… And when Jay asked about Nicole and Paris Hilton, Lindsay responded, “I love Nicole. She’s great,” but said nothing about Paris. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: My first guest, a terrific young actress. Also a tabloid favorite. I love reading about her. She’s currently starring in a a new film called “Bobby,” which opens in L.A. And new york next Friday, the 17th, and then wider on Thanksgiving Day. Please welcome Lindsay Lohan!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lindsay: Hi.

Jay: I love when you come here because I get to clear up all the rumors.

Lindsay: I know. I get to talk about all the junk.

Jay: I save all these little clippings. Now, I just saw a picture —
oh, your wrist is still wrapped. What happened there?

Lindsay: Well, I made it nice and white and clean.

Jay: Well, what happened to your hand?

Lindsay: I broke my wrist.

Jay: What?

Lindsay: Because of my mom. It was her birthday. I literally was walking and slipped in the rain, ’cause I’m very clumsy.

Jay: Really?

Lindsay: Oh, yes. And then, the other day, someone closed a door on my hand. So this hand is not working.

Jay: Wow. So the idea is just to get you going like this all the time.

Lindsay: I think it’s because of the movie that I did, “Just My Luck.” I had bad luck.

Jay: Wow.

Lindsay: Injuring myself.

Jay: Because the last time, it was your ankle, right?

Lindsay: Yeah, and that was on the set of that movie. And since then, it just — I should just not really move much.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: How much damage you’ve done. So you’ve broken a wrist, an ankle

Lindsay: Have you ever injured yourself?

Jay: I have injured myself, actually.

Lindsay: Has anyone ever injured themselves? I feel like I’m the only person that’s gotten hurt.

Jay: But I’m a lot older than you.

Lindsay: Mine’s just written about for everyone else to see.

Jay: No, but you’ve had a lifetime of injuries in, like, 20 years.

Lindsay: I’ve also been — I mean, people have publicly watched me grow.

Lindsay: When was the first time I came here? When I was — I think I was 12 1/2.

Jay: You were, like, a a little kid. A tea cup looking over the — [ Laughter ] You were just an embryo the first time you were here. Well, see, this is why I wa1 o because I kind of go, “oh” — ’cause I always think — well, I mean, you’re grown up now, but you were a little kid when you got here. Like, I heard you had a car accident or something.

Lindsay: I heard that, too.

Jay: Your car caught fire, went off the golden gate

Jay: You then plunged into the ocean, and then you swam nine miles. What happened?

Lindsay: Me swim nine miles? Are you kidding me? Happened? You got in a car accident?

Lindsay: No, I didn’t, actually.

Jay: Just last —

Lindsay: No accident. No, nothing ever h f1 tell you, “that’s it. We can’t give you anything.”

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: Tell me about it. No, my mother called me, and so did my friend. What happened? Did you get into a car accident?” I said, “No, I never got into any sort of accident.” ‘Caus3 f1 my friend thought I was, like, in the hospital. I got calls from people I haven’t spoken to in five years.

Jay: So there was no accident?

Lindsay: No.

Jay: No one actually — they said a paparazzi rear-ended you.

Lindsay: No, at this point, there’s just making stuff up about me.

Jay: Right.

Lindsay: And no other stories they can manifest. So they’re just repeating old ones.

Lindsay: I’m waiting for them to say — I’m waiting for them to say I’m pregnant or something crazy.

Jay: Oh, okay. Wow, okay.

Jay: God, I had all these jokes standing by. I just needed to confirm it. But okay, we can throw them away. That’s good.

Lindsay: I heard that you rolled your car once.

Jay: I did roll my car. I rolled my mom’s —

Lindsay: Got into an accident.

Lindsay: I rolled the car, and the roof was, like, crushed, like, this big. And my friends and I drove home like this ’cause the roof was crushed.

[ Laughter ] And I put it in the garage. And I woke my dad. I said, “dad, I had a car accident.” He goes, “are you okay?” “Yeah, just a little dent.” He goes, “don’t worry about it. We’ll look at it in the morning.” And I’m asleep, and I hear [ Laughter ] The whole roof was crushed. But that’s okay.

Jay: At least you’re honest.

Lindsay: That’s right.

Jay: Now, I want to ask you. Now, Paris and Nicole, I know you’re friends. These girls seem out of control you’re friends of both of them, right? They’re out of — are they out of control?

[ Light laughter ] They’re out of control.

Lindsay: Anything that I say, someone will pick up after they watch this and then —

Jay: No, no. I’m just saying. But they are out o must admit.

Lindsay: No, I mean — I love Nicole. She’s great.

Jay: We love Nicole. She comes — I have known her or something? She ate half a split pea, and I don’t know what happened.

[ Laughter ] Is she okay?

Lindsay: I mean, should I have invited Nicole to do the interview? Do you want to talk about me or Nicole?

Jay: Oh, no, no. But you’re their friend. I want to talk about you. But you’re friends with them. Have they reconciled?

Lindsay: People are associated with people if they’re — ’cause it’s like a crime for someone I mean, what does everyone do at 20 years old? I just don’t get it. I get in so much trouble.

Jay: Well, it’s not trouble.

Lindsay: But it jeopardizes films that I want to do. And people lose respect. Like, I don’t fight with any of these people. I don’t call them on a daily basis. I see them when I’m out. Nicole, I talk to a little more because — I don’t know.

Jay: Okay. Now, can you get into clubs? Don’t you have to — ’cause
you’re just 20 now, right? Don’t you have to be 21 to get into these clubs?

[ Light laughter ]

Lindsay: It’s not like I can use a a fake I.D.

[ Laughter ] “Yeah, guys, I’m 20.” A tabloid opens. “No, you’re not.” I mean 21, sorry.

Jay: But how great an actress — that would show, you going with a fake I.D., “I’m Bob Johnson from Kentucky.”

[ Light laughter ]

Lindsay: Someone would find — that just would be —

Jay: You should try that sometime.

Lindsay: I’ve tried with wigs and stuff. I swear.

Jay: Really?

Lindsay: Didn’t work.

Jay: We should try that with

Lindsay: We should do a show about it.

Jay: All right, we’ll take a a break. More with Lindsay right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with Lindsay Lohan. The movie is “Bobby.” We were just talking about the tabloids and all that and how it drives you crazy.

Lindsay: Yeah, it distracts from the work that I do. That’s my only concern.

Jay: Well, let me ask you about that. ‘Cause here’s something that I was a bit surprised. I thought it would have been done privately, but it was done publicly, that, I guess, the guy that was the producer of a a movie you were working on wrote a public letter, kind of chastising you for partying and all that kind of stuff.

Lindsay: I hate that word. It scares me. I don’t know why.

Jay: What, partying?

Lindsay: Party girl — I just — I don’t know.

Jay: It just said partying.

Lindsay: I hear it so much.

Jay: Yeah, I mean, you do go to a lot of parties.

[ Light laughter ]

Lindsay: Well, I’m 20 years old. So sue me.

Jay: It’s okay. It’s not like it’s bad. It’s not like serial killer.

[ Laughter ] Serial killer would be bad. Serial killer Lohan. Party? Party is okay. But how did that — now, I know he wrote —

Lindsay: I never en saw that letter, by the way.

Jay: I saw the letter.

Lindsay: But I didn’t. No, I really didn’t until it was published, and I turned on — swear. Like, I saw it on the news. And it was so funny because I’m very close with his son, Robinson. And the movie I just saw recently — which I hope I’m not getting into trouble for saying that I saw — I snuck into the back, and the movie turned out amazing.

Jay: Yeah, okay.

Lindsay: It’s probably — aside from “Bobby,” what “Bobby” has to offer, the message in it. “Georgia Rule” — it’s Jane Fonda and Felicity, and every — it’s just an amazing film.

Jay: How about working with Jane Fonda? How was that? What did you think?

Lindsay: I was Barbarella for Halloween, like, two years before that.

Jay: Really?

Lindsay: Oh, yeah. She is amazing.

Jay: I think that’s her proudest moment, “Barbarella,” actually.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: Well, she looks amazing in it.

Jay: Well, she did look amazing. She did look amazing. But it probably changed —

Lindsay: So are you dissing my costume?

[ Laughter ]

Jay: No, I’m not dissing your costume. I would love to see you as Barbarella. In fact, I had a dream — well, never mind.

[ Laughter ] You know what else I read is that you wanted to be married by — what was it — 30?

Lindsay: I heard that, too. No, it was — that was in “InStyle” magazine. And they said — I said, you know, in jest. It wasn’t — it was completely taken out of context. “What do you want out of the next two years?” I said, “Well, you know, I’d like to hopefully win an Oscar. Isn’t that what an actress always wants?”

Jay: Right.

Lindsay: “When I’m 30, have a family. Get engaged or something.” I don’t know. And they said she wants this, this, this and this by the time she’s 30. I was like, no.

Jay: Now, are you dating anybody now? Are you seeing anybody?

Lindsay: You always ask me that. I say, “Even if I was, I’m not gonna tell you.”

Jay: No, but why? That would be great gossip. What kind of guys do you like? Guys? There aren’t many younger guys. They’d be, like, 13.

[ Laughter ] There aren’t any younger guys.

Lindsay: I’d be a pedophile. And my brother’s 19, so it’s just never younger.

Jay: You don’t want to go out with him. That would be really bad. Yeah, forget that.

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: That’s just weird.

Jay: That’s too weird.

Lindsay: I love him, though.

Jay: Like, what’s the oldest guy you’ve ever gone out with? Can I ask you that?

Lindsay: Oh, my god.

Jay: Like, what age? Like, what’s really old?

[ Laughter ]

Lindsay: No, but it’s funny. It depends. Because, like, according to — again, going back to all these tabloids and all the junk, I’ve dated probably more people than anyone has even, could ever date in a lifetime.

Jay: Really?

Lindsay: Like my mom said, “If all of these men that they say you’ve dated are true, you’d be dead by now.”

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Wow.

Lindsay: Because it’s — I mean, it’s, like, ridiculous. I’m spotted walking into a car with a friend ’cause we’re going together, whatever, we know each other. And then I’m like, “okay, now you’re my boyfriend, just so you know.” That’s what they’re gonna say.

Jay: Oh, okay. All right. All right. Well, see, I have to ask.

Lindsay: No, I don’t have one.

Jay: It’s fun to ask because I like watching you squirm.

[ Laughter ] But let me ask you this. Now, tell us about “Bobby.”

Lindsay: I have an ex.

Jay: This is kind of interesting. Because, you know, I was your age, a couple of years younger, when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. You obviously don’t have any recollection. Does it seem like 100 years ago to you, being age 20?

Lindsay: No, I feel like — I learned so much about him. I didn’t even know he had 11 children.

Jay: Right.

Lindsay: But I feel like doing this movie was so important for me because it kind of is bringing back an awareness of something that we really need to look at and what’s really going on in the world. And I — I feel like it’s — I kind of feel like it’s all kind of happening in a way. So it feels like it’s very new. It doesn’t feel that old to me. I feel like he’s still here in a way. And I think Emilio Estevez did a great job with that.

Jay: We should tell ’em — Emilio Estevez directed the movie. And it’s about Bobby Kennedy’s last day, essentially, before he was assassinated at the ambassador hotel. And it’s about what happens in the hotel and the people in the hotel.

Lindsay: 22 people.

Jay: Tell me who you play.

Lindsay: I play this woman, Diane, that — actually, it’s an amazing story. It’s a non-fictional character based on this woman, Diane, that Emilio met when he went to write the script out in Calabasas, I think it was, at a a hotel. And she was asking what he was doing there. He said, “I’m writing a movie about Bobby Kennedy’s shooting.” “I was there.” She married a friend of hers so that he didn’t have to go straight to the front lines and wouldn’t be drafted.

Jay: Because if you’re married, you went to Germany. If you’re single,
you probably went to Vietnam if you’re in the service, right? That’s what it was.

Lindsay: So she married this guy. She said, “if I can save one life and at least make some sort of difference and, you know, take advantage of the power that I have to do that.” And she did it.

Jay: Okay. Now, set up this clip.

Lindsay: She’s — it’s — the story’s — I mean, it is so great.

Jay: This is the scene, okay — this is right before the wedding, right?

Lindsay: Yes. This is when — I think this is when he’s not sure if he wants to do it. And so he feels bad.

Jay: Okay, we’ll take a a look. “Bobby” is the film.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Nice job. Lindsay, always a pleasure. Thank you, my friend.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Jay: Take care of yourself.

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