Thalia And Tommy Mottola Headed Towards Divorce?

Thalia and Tommy divorce?Rumors that Thalia’s marriage of 12 years to Tommy Mottola is headed towards divorce are crossing the wires, with the singer expressing frustration that the music executive is too controlling and not allowing her to continue a singing career. “I was present at a discussion between the two of them,” a friend said, according to TV Notas. “ said he wants to be able to work as she did before, and he looked at her long and said, in a serious tone, you can not. Thalia was furious after that.” Also cited was Thalia’s belief that Tommy had been unfaithful.

So far, the singer hasn’t referred to the latest rumors to her Twitter followers (@Thalia), though did send out a Valentine’s Day wish yesterday to the 4.6 million fans, and she did credit her husband’s book success the prior day:

I love you guys happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Tommy’s new book #HITMAKER is #3 on the NY Times Best Sellers list – Hardcover Nonfiction! Congrats! @TommyMottola

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One thought on “Thalia And Tommy Mottola Headed Towards Divorce?

  1. Linda Inglima says:

    Good luck, Thalia!

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