Thalia In Fear Of Being Dropped

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is set to be be dropped from her American record contract, however her Spanish one is still intact. Thalia’s album, “Thalia,” flopped and it seemed she would become a one hit wonder. Thalia’s second release, “Baby I’m In Love,” barely made an impact and her third single was pulled from airways. Currently, Thalia is recording new Spanish material. But as a bid to save her U.S. fame, she recorded an EP, “Back for More.” The first single, “Not Forgotten,” will be shipped to airwaves in spring 2004. Read on for the EP’s tracklisting.

Thalia – Back for More (EP)
1. Not Forgotten (Ft. Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys)
2. Love Is (In the Air)
3. Under the Stars
4. Take a Ride (Ft. Ja Rule)
5. Get Me So High
6. Not Forgotten (Pop Edit)
7. Let Go

If the album doesn’t fair well, is set to be dropped.

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10 thoughts on “Thalia In Fear Of Being Dropped

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    Drop the B!tch, just drop her, its not like anyone will miss this wanna be JHo.

  2. pobre_diablo says:

    LOL you funny :) and btw she totally deserves to be dropped.

  3. funkdobeus says:

    She has nothin 2 worry about, she knows if she gets dropped Tommy will sign her up 2 universal, and try 2 do what he did with j-ho, try 2 turn her in 2 the next Mariah Care. Obviously didn’t work. He 4got Mariah can actually Sing.

  4. hotstuff says:

    She’s alright I guess. I liked her song with Fat Joe I Want You though.

  5. Jive says:

    She’s a talented Spanish singer and a soap star, so why be an English singer? Stick to your job cause I love your Spanish album although I’m not.

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    She’s not a talented Spanish singer nor a talented English singer. She sucks. But in English she’s trying to be too much like Jennifer, and needs to stop. 1st. the CD is very similar to Jen’s style, except it sucked. 2nd. the clothing line. 3rd, she’s trying to do some perfume ish. and now Jen just released and EP and she feels the need to do so as well. What an a$$.

  7. cancrojcve says:

    WHERE IS THE SOURCE???’, ‘I want to know if that album is true!! I know she is working in her 2nd English album but it will be out in 2005, so far this year the only confirmed release will be a “Greatest Hits” album & DVD in January. Please tell me more about that album!!! (or the source)… thanks.

  8. mary lembi says:

    No matter what happens, God, your children and family will always
    love you, remember, Let go of all, and Let God!

  9. mary lembi says:

    Remember!!!! God Loves you, Let God and Let Go!!! No matter what
    happened, God is with you always even to the end of the age!!!!

  10. mary lembi says:

    Thalia, has won many awards in Mexico.City, she is worth it, she deserves
    to become a hit, she is not Jennifer Lopez, and will never be, but has just
    as much talent as anyone elese. I saw her sing and act in Mexico City,
    when she was just starting out in her teenage years, she is very beautiful,
    and talented, she is worth her talent! People don’t give opioins, on performs, you know nothing about!!!

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