Thalia Takes Another Swipe At Mariah Carey

Thalia once again took a swipe at her husband Tommy Mottola’s ex-wife Mariah Carey during an interview with Blink 102.7’s Lizzie Grubman on Monday. “Tommy and I met in a different situation,” Thalia said. “He was already famous in his own world. I was already famous in my own world. I didn’t arrive with a tape in my hand saying, ‘Like, could you make a career for me or could you sign me?'”

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14 thoughts on “Thalia Takes Another Swipe At Mariah Carey

  1. ballersfantasy says:

    Ya, okay. Maybe it would have been better that way so you could sell records in America.

  2. www-dirrty-rocks-it says:

    lol she actually sold a lot more than Paulina Rubio managed to sell! and I consider I Want You a BIG HIT…it went top 5 on Radio stations…she’s awesome! Mariah’s awesome too! lol

  3. mitzim says:

    I hate it when stars take stabs at each other! It’s so stupid!

    I’m really not a Mariah fan but I must admit the girl CAN SING! She’s topped the charts year after year. She is a true Diva.And if Thalia can’t deal with that it’s her problem.

  4. ballersfantasy says:

    I’m sure she did sell a lot more than Paulina Rubio. The number she landed on radio stations doesn’t matter, Billboard does. She only managed to reach to #22 and dropped to #26 this week. I just think it was really stupid for her to have made that comment. She has to realize being married to Tommy Mottola, she’s always gonna be compared to Mariah. (not by talent either)

  5. Candee says:

    What is she so insecure about? Mariah has already been there and she doesn’t want Tommy. Why is she being so petty? Does she think that bringing up Mariah’s name will give her crossover success? I’m not a big Mariah fan but Thalia needs to grow up already.

  6. SJ says:

    Thalia, its too bad that you can’t keep your album in the Billboard Top 100 after 3 weeks. It doesn’t look like your that famous in your own world. Oh and for your information, your now husband, Tommy Mottola came upon Mariah’s demo tape himself. Mariah did not walk up to him asking “Could you make a career for me or could you sign me?”, like you say. Stop using Mariah’s name to make a name for your self b*tch!

  7. justanotherbtch says:

    a while ago I listened to her CD on the internet and I didn’t like it, I think Mariah is way more talented.

  8. SJ says:

    WaneJessicaSoSoDef…. Thalia ain’t *****. The only reason the b*tch is saying this is because she’s trying to use Mariah’s superstar power to make a name for her self. So WaneJessicaSoSoDef… Go back to eating a phat one!

  9. Mehrunisa says:

    I’m not a fan of either of these two, but I saw on TV the interview in which she said that statement. I don’t see it as a swipe at Mariah. She just meant that her marriage to Mottola was for love and not for publicity or career move. The only people who compare Thalia to Mariah are the fans and the press, and twist every word to suit their point of view, and to create a sensation to sell more papers. :-/

  10. kiki says:

    Who does this girl thinks she is…………. justify yourself that you’ve been in the music industry when you are a child doesn’t make you a crossover success to diss people. I hate people who are stuck-up, full of themselves and rude. I can admit that Thalia is gorgeous but honey you need to go back to singing Spanish. As for dissing my girl Mariah Carey, miss high and mighty,at least she made 15 #1 hits in the past 10 years and sold 150 millions copies around the globe, and what did you sell……… 7 million copies. You’re just jealous and mad at the fact that someone is comparing you to Mariah and married to Tommy Mattola. And by the way, you can’t sing for crap.

  11. Miguel says:

    Thalia may have been more recognized in 3rd world countries where her telenovelas are seen. I think Thalia is gorgeous and I like only a handful of her songs. She is nowhere near as talented as Mariah who is also gorgeous when she is thinner. Fact is neither really need that greasy bastard Tommy Mazzola

  12. Mary Lembi says:

    Thalia, will never be famous in United States, as Mariah Carey, What a voice
    Carey has, Thalis is pretty but will never be as famous as Carey!

  13. Mary Lembi says:

    Thalia is very jealous of Mariah Carey, or has she forgotten how controling
    Tommy Mottola, really was with Mariah Carey, and herself Thalia, was going nuts
    wanting to divorce Tommy, for his controlling addidtude!!!!!!!!!!!

    So Thalia has to learn Mariah Carey, is a better singer,more warmer in her
    personality, and Thalia is out for herself!!!!!!

    If it wasn’t for her having that second child, she would have never returned to Tommy Mottola! Also she is very selfish and self centered.

  14. dmma says:

    Ya’ll talk so much crap. Especially in 2003. WOW any diapers for you bitter oldies. Thalia was never throwing a shade at Mariah, but if the hat fits then wear it… And I guess it fit lmao

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