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Well I think the best of the comebacks is of since ‘Shine’, ‘Sisters of Avalon’, ‘At Last’ and ‘The Body Acoustic’. This woman sold 5 milion of copies without the traditional promotion of anyone .

The word queen about Madonna is just a myth made of a trick that only fans of Madonna and incautious people have made an inadequate adjective well for those persons who say the absurd commentary “Madonna is the queen ” I say that you don’t take in mind Cyndi Lauper, Maria Carey, Jessica Simpson, and Britney (I don’t like Britney but Jessica, Maria and Christina a little). Well only persons with ignorance of those singers or with hate for those singers says “Madge is the queen” that’s false. Madonna is just worse than a fox (the fox is a very benign creature ) the work of Cyndi ( artist in her ” that’s me” look ,and the most important artist of 80s and now one of the most important )is a very respectable thing and Madonna is just a commercial stereotype that pretends to be the sexual symbol she was in 80s , Madonna should grow up , and she is an insane person by the popularity saying in everywhere her ” eccentric ” words ” hey I’m the queen of the Bible ! ” , she is an insane person and I have not opposition to the insane persons but because she is a so perverse and corrupt person I don’t give worth to her , It’s definitive Cyndi is many better . Madonna has to hide back her 20 dancers, 7 members of her chorus and her ton of stenography when she discovers with horror her grotesque voice live, it was to see her intention to do the publication of her disc the same week of Cyndi.

If Cyndi would be so commercial and with the other things like Madonna surely she would have many more popularity than Madonna , Cyndi knows it but she is a different person and I would ask who would be the incapable Madonna without her ridiculous and rickety scandals , if she would be not nude in the stage , don’t would have her 20 dancers , 7 members of her chorus that run to aid her every time when they see that she alone is horrible , without her excess scenography , without her pornography and her super enormous promotion back her ? Simply she would be nothing, without say many other horrors like the degradation that Madonna does for the image of women. Well all those things are evident I’ll don’t type with absurdity Cyndi don’t get support from anything and it’s impressive that she does her show with only 1 or 2 musical instruments.

Cyndi and Madonna are of different styles but Madonna doesn’t stop her phatogenic mode of think in Cyndi like a competitor of sales. It’s definitive that Cyndi has more mental maturity than Madonna.

Cyndi does many more contributions to the people about the art and moreover she does charity she does many more contributions by her ideas and convictions than Madonna who don’t stop to follow what Cyndi does for example too now she does the kind of cover and well, every people does covers but Madonna waits in specific that Cyndi will do the things for she see how Cyndi does. Madonna is the product of the phatogenic marketing to brainwashing of today. People of Grammy awards should be correct academic people and to reward the great ideas and not to get furtive profit and the enterprises like Sony should support the great and intelligent ideas like the ideas of Cyndi and not the commerce with the sex of women .

It’s very very value to be oneself in the art and in the life, Cyndi has really an exceptional, super strong and super plain encouragement to sustain her determination.

She really gets preparation, make effort to do her bequest of a way to the perfection of voice and arrays with preparation and culture, although she knows so she don’t profit and her detractors are to humiliate her into the circle of spectacle that moment to moment it’s more in decadence by the whores and stripteasers to maraud at there around without talent to sing, do arrays or to do something else.

It’s very very respectable that Cyndi prefer benefit the art instead she with insanity prefer (like other persons) get benefit from the art.

I say Cyndi is like Antonio Vivaldi, she is with great formation to the art, I’m understand and I’m proud of the way that Cyndi took I conclude.

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