The 2002 ‘Sixy’ Awards

The New York Post’s 2002 ‘Sixy’ Awards has named the winner of the ‘Over-Sixed’ award for “for taking it all off this year.” They add, “Her single ‘Dirrty’ shocked and tantalized youngsters, but it was her antics in New York clubs that really steamed us up.” ‘Best Job Award’ went ot Jennifer Lopez’s nipple tweaker on the set of her video ‘Jenny From the Block’. was given the ‘Si(x)ck To Our Stomachs’ award for her “rancid restaurant Nyla.” Meanwhile, Jessica Simpson got the ‘Six-er Than We Thought’ award for hiring midget porn star Napoleon to put on an X-rated show at her bachelorette party before her marriage to 98 Degrees star . Madonna got the ‘Deep Six’ award for her disaster ‘Swept Away’. J.Lo and Ben Affleck won ‘Sixiest Couple’. Finally, Michael Jackson got the ‘Publi-Six-Ty Hound’ nod.

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