The Annoying Thing About Britney Spears Lately

Contributed Anonymously:

I am starting to get more irritated by more and more, and I am one of her biggest fans! This is what’s annoying me. I don’t understand why she has to constantly try to clean up her image by making up so many lies and excuses. Like with her wedding, first she says that she wanted it secret, then she sells her wedding photos and planned her wedding by some contract for money, then she comes out and says that she’s upset that her wedding was leaked out. I mean, CMON NOW. I am starting to believe that Britney thinks her fans are stupid or gullible. How many excuses does she have to make? I mean, we all know that she isn’t the most innocent, or the most goody-goody female celebrity ever, so why does she still have to act as if it’s her prerogative to first do the stupid and immature act or stunt, and then come off and blame the media, some soft drink, or a hamburger she just ate or something when her PR stunt backfired.

It’s starting to get old and typical coming from Britney Spears. And what’s funnier is how the media tries to overrate something that Britney does, acting as if the whole world is “shocked’, when really, we aren’t. Britney has pretty much milked the whole novelty of shocking people a long time ago, she has done things too quick and too fast, she hasn’t even given us the time to relax about one “shocking” thing she did before doing something else. She just keeps going on and on with trying to shock and surprise, where at the end it’s just starting to get way out of hand!

C’mon Britney, be real. Most of your fans will still love you, but if you keep on acting like an immature little pre-teen kid giving a big middle finger to your fans, and yet still trying to make people believe that you are a woman, then I don’t think many other fans will like you much anymore. Grow up Britney Spears, stop with the immature antics! We all know you love publicity, so stop acting all mad and shocked about every little thing the media does. I think most of us would respect you enough if you can admit that “yeah, I love publicity,” instead of coming out and acting as if you are a victim.

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