The Annoying Thing About Some Britney Spears Fans

Contributed Anonymously:

I know this has probably been written thousands of times, but oh well, here I go. I am starting to get irritated about you naive fans. You guys seem to always want to act so ignorant towards Christina Aguilera in some essays when the essay isn’t even about Christina! Why do you guys always have to bring her down to make your point? And it’s even more irritating that some of you write essays about how you don’t like bias and hypocritical Christina fans when you guys do the exact same thing!

I mean yeah, I can admit that some Christina fans do act bias and hypocritical, but guess what, so do some of you Britney fans. At least I have the balls to admit that instead of acting as if it’s only the Christina fans that do it. And another thing, how come some of y’all have to always be so negative towards Christina when there is something good said about her. Like when she does charities and gets good praise for it, you guys say things like, “oh she doesn’t do that many charities at all…” Well, who cares about how many charities she does! At least she’s upfront and does the charity for a certain cause instead of just doing all these camps and stuff like Britney does and not even showing up or doing a single thing to live up to her charity or cause.

I just find it funny that some of you say how Christina doesn’t do many charities and such, and yet your idol Britney is known for having these charities, but all you hear is that she dismisses going to the events at her camp, and she only gives something back before a new album comes out or something.

So really, think before you talk and make a fool out of yourselves. Nobody is perfect; Britney isn’t perfect, so why do you expect Christina to be perfect. It’s really starting to get pathetic. If you don’t like Christina, you have that right, but you don’t need to be bias, hypocritical, and always trying to make up flaws or always bring up nothing but flaws to prove your point about your hatred for Christina.

Just grow up already. I am not saying this to just Britney fans, but also to the Christina fans that act the exact same way. Can’t we just get over this battle between Brit and Christina? Because seriously, I doubt that Brit and Christina even battle with each other, it’s we, the fans, that are making it into a battle. It’s more like Britney fans vs. Christina fans, rather than it being about Britney vs. Christina. It’s starting to get so old; can we grow up just a little bit please?

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