The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Acoustic Set & Mette Interview

Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour talks about touring, influences, food, being in a big band and moreDuring The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s spring tour in the US, the Danish band dropped by Shock Hound in Los Angeles and recorded a few acoustic versions of their songs. Mette Lindberg also did a quick interview for the web site, discussing the band’s “collage” of music, loving raw and soulful music, and emotions evoked in her audience.

“We are a big band,” Mette said. “We’re a collage, a collective. We share a love for music and we think it’s a beautiful way of being together with other people, sharing a unique experience. When we play live, it’s important for us that we have a good time together, as a band. We’re good friends, all of us, and that we share a special moment with the audience and make a feeling in people. It doesn’t have to be a happy feeling.”

“I have so many albums and artists and songs that did something good in my life,” Mette said. “I remember when I was younger and I had these really good friends, boys, and they were kind of girlish, and they listened to David Bowie and we’d all hang out doing artist stuff. Boys had long hair. A little bit hippie, but still a little bit long in small city because it was not cool. I remember that psychedelic touch of the glam rock.”

Talking about their new material, Mette said, “We are in the middle of recording album #2. Hopefully an EP later this year, and we’re playing festivals all of the summer. We toured a lot last year, then back in the studio, back in the creative phase, and back getting it all out. It’s kind of good to have both.”

Video of their performances of ‘Satellite’, ‘Push The Envelope’, ‘Hero’ and ‘The Golden Age’, and the interview with Mette, have since been removed.

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