The Backstreet Boys Visit Texas Children’s Hospital

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TAMU from the Mature Fan Club writes, “The were in Houston for the Jingle Jam and it was arranged for them to visit Texas Children’s Hospital. They were slated to be at the hospital for 1 1/2 hours but stayed for 3 hours and were just fantastic.

They visited with 10 children who had illnesses ranging from bone infection, to needing heart transplants, cancer and those that had had heart surgery. The Boys were so wonderful to each of the patients and gave each of them special time with pictures, autographs and in EVERY room sang an a capella version of one of their songs.

(Safest Place to Hide, I Want it That Way, I’ll Never Break Your Heart (in Spanish for a patient and her family from Mexico), All I Have to Give, I can’t remember them all!)

At Texas Children’s, we have a radio station that broadcasts throughout the hospital. On Thursday night, we had a contest to find the fans who would get a visit from the Backstreet Boys. They had to answer trivia questions about the Boys and they won a CD. The patients thought on Saturday they would be getting their pictures taken with the CD. Little did they know that the Boys themselves would be taking the pictures with them. They kids were just SOOO excited when the Boys showed up and the Boys were wonderful with them. I cannot describe how wonderful they are. They spent so much time, were so genuine, and really seemed to be touched by our kids. It brought tears to my eyes each time they broke out in song for these kids. They were also so kind to other kids who saw them in the hallway (and the nurses who wanted to get their pics with them, too).

At the end of the tour, they went to our Radio Lollipop for an interview with some DJs from the station hosting Jingle Jam and sang I Want it That Way again (Nick sang… “I want it Brian’s way”). These clips and other clips should be up on the KRBE website.

I was very fortunate to get to ride over in the car with the Boys to the hospital prior to the visit. I gave them some stats on the hospital and the patients they would be meeting with on Saturday. To my surprise, Brian quoted those statistics at the concert on Saturday night. We do have one of the leading pediatric cardiovascular surgery departments in the world, so Brian was particularly interested in that.

It was such an amazing day for all the kids. And Kevin talked about how blessed he/they were to have visited the children. They were just so good to all our kids.

As soon as we have pictures I can link to, I’ll post the link. The Boys’ photographer, Andre Csillag, was with us and he is supposed to be emailing us the pics. Also our Texas Children’s photographer took some pics as well.

What an amazing Christmas present to all our kids.

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