The Best And Worst Cases For Britney Spears

UK Glamour magazine profiled the truth behind Britney’s backlash, which included our earlier reported item on being forced to not do a London meet and greet at the premiere of ‘Crossroads’ because she was wearing a borrowed $500,000 necklace. Asked how Spears has coped with the controversies of late, her spokesman said, “I would say she’s coped better with everything than I imagined she would. Has she changed? Just in the regular way, from a 16-year-old to a 20 year-old, nothing abnormal. The worst case scenario for what happens next is she puts out another record or movie that does really badly, moves to Louisiana, gets married and raises some kids. The best case is she takes more challenging roles, makes better films and progresses as a musician. The film thing is a big deal to her; she’s not confident in her acting ability.”

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