The Biggest Unreleased Pop Hits

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For one reason or another some potential hits never saw the light of day. A lot of tracks with huge potential have never been commercially released for one reason or another; whatever the reason was that these record companies decided not to release such songs can only be speculated upon. It is nice to take note of the songs that in my opinion could have been bigger hits than some of the songs that were released instead.

4. Song: ‘Nobody Knows Me’ by: Madonna (from ‘American Life’)

This song has been praised by a lot of music critics not so much for its lyrical content but for its outstanding instrumental & electronic production. The song had a very catchy & edgy hook that reminds me of the top 10 hit ‘Die Another Day’ but at the same time is musically unique & is a brilliant dance anthem in its own right. Pity for this song could have been a much better choice than the ill-fated ‘Love Profusion’ or ‘Nothing Fails’.

3. Song: ‘One Kiss From You’ by: (from ‘Britney’)

This song was in the R & B inspired ‘Britney’ album. The song had a very good lyrical as well as musical composition though it didn’t fit well with the other tracks of the album because of its ‘Pop’ character. Nevertheless, the song pays homage to Britney’s original pop signature sounds reminiscent of ‘Baby One More Time’, ‘Oops…’ or ‘Sometimes’. At the time when Britney Spears needed a strong follow-up to the warmly received ‘Slave 4 U’, this track should have been released (ala ‘Toxic’) & could have reversed the downward sales trend of the album; instead she released ‘Overprotected’ which was a really bad choice (for its too reminiscent of ‘Stronger’) & of course the song bombed.

2. ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’ by: Jennifer Lopez (from ‘J. Lo’)

This song is simply amazing. I personally believe the album ‘J. Lo’ could have done well without this released but it could have done better if this were released. The song is a very danceable tune & its lyrics are witty. The message of the song is very positive & uplifting. The song is just a complete package. I really think they ‘massacred’ (or murdered I may say) this song when they remixed it. When they released the remix (off course they had to for it was in the album ‘J To Tha L-O: The Remixes’) I knew they will never release the original version (what a waste!). I really believe they should have released the song as the 5th single of the album though.

1. ‘Breathe On Me’ by: Britney Spears (from ‘In The Zone’)

To make the record straight this song received the most notice from the critics who reviewed the album ‘In The Zone’ (yes, even more than the huge hit ‘Toxic’). Billboard magazine praised this song above others when they reviewed ‘In The Zone’. Fans have already been clamoring for its release in Britney’s various websites & in her concerts the fans responded mostly to this song. Unfortunately, Britney (or her camp) stubbornly/deafly ignored the critics & the fans favorable response (how stupid!) & they decided to release the ghetto themed ‘Outrageous’ instead. I personally did foresee the failure or ‘Outrageous’ beforehand & the unfinished video merely vindicated this. I note that Britney broke her knee while adding the final touches to this video. Maybe, Britney got bad Karma after ignoring her fans responses that she should have released ‘Breathe On Me’ instead.

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4 thoughts on “The Biggest Unreleased Pop Hits

  1. popfan_23 says:

    The J.Lo album did very well, it’s singles were great and right on point, and to this day that was her best album, and and far as “Breathe On Me” goes “Outrageous” was a far better song, “Breathe On Me” is cute, but it’s too R-rated for her fan base as a single. I have no idea why the Britney album was her lowest selling album, because it was her best album.

  2. EdwardAlex says:

    Though I agree for the most part… Nothing Fails was an amazing ballad (def Like A Prayer pt 2) Love Profusion was a fun song…just a crappy video. And Nobody Knows Me has excellent lyrics ‘ No one’s telling you how to live your life… but its a set up, until your fed up’/ I am sorry but those lyrics hit hard all the way. Its a very motivational song.

  3. trinione says:

    I like J.Lo and most of her songs but I think she’s so afraid of being considered ‘PoP’ that she must ALWAYS REMIX her songs and put a rapper in them, she doesn’t realize it actually ruins the song most of the time. BOM was my fav. song of that album, if they had made it a single, it would have probably been good for her. I don’t think it being to R-rated had anything to do with it… I mean she was clearly stating that she wasn’t innocent and didn’t care anymore. But didn’t they go with ‘Outrageous’ because it was for a movie? can’t remember which one tho… anyways It’s a really good thing she hurt her knee and it wasn’t released because after seeing the footage of what she had taped so far.. it’s pretty funny… she was trying too hard to look and act like a gangsta chick… I kinda felt embarrassed for her… and for the first time the dancing looked kinda sloppy… Also if I may add, I wish xtina would have released ‘Walk Away’ off of Stripped… that was my and almost everyone’s favourite song of the album.

  4. ScorpionMan says:

    Remember “Impressive Instant” from the “Music” album? Madonna had a huge disagreement with her record label, as she wanted to release it but they wanted to go with another ballad. That was the reason “Music” only spawned 3 singles, Madonna refused to be told what to do!! Go Madonna!

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