The Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera Debates

Contributed Anonymously:

Yeah, yeah. You’re sick of essays about these two. You think or are a trashy lowlife while your dad’s sister’s dog’s girlfriend’s owner’s poker partner’s hairdresser think that Britney Spears is the greatest. Well, it’s too late to battle it out. Britney & Christina have been around so long, that even if they had a lip syncing accident like Ashlee Simpson, they have enough loyal fans that would stand by them. Unfortunate for Ashlee, her career just started so it’s not so lucky for her. She doesn’t have a loyal fan base yet. The loyal fans are very accepting of the incidents & the not so loyal aren’t fans after something like Britney’s lesbian moment. Britney has done so many publicity stunts throughout her career that the fans she still has, that some bashing essay will not scare them into being a Christina fan. Same with Christina fans being bullied by Britney fans. So, your essays about how Britney is better than Christina or vice versa, are a waste of time. And yes, I know I’m wasting my time because there are plenty of people who will just continue being stupid by comparing sales.

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