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Is it easier to tell that a person is unintelligent simply because she is blonde or would be logical to conclude that a person with thick glasses is probably a veracious reader? No! The world is a lot more complicated than it appears to be. Before I get any further, I am going to warn all the Christina Aguilera fans who are so weirdly inflamed with anger whenever someone pays a compliment to :- This is not for you folks.

Britney Spears is an odd mix, a nutty assorted bag and mostly the evening news everyone loves to commend on. Everything about her seemed to be so predictable and trite but despite coming after the infamous, Madonna, she still never fail to shock us, regardless of our age group. She supposedly so talentless and insignificant that she was nothing more than an extra pound in her tits and ass but ordinary pop songs were elevated to classics with her half-baked vocals and heavily, mechanized choreography. And curiously, she has been called a ‘copy” and “unoriginal” but ironically, so many female and even male pop stars sneakily dab a little Britney here and there in their drab existences.

So, you wonder how I am going to defend this pop star who is so intend of making mistakes, acting dumb and making frivolous music?

1) Her mistakes

How many of us are infallible? How many of us have not done one or two or three million silly mistakes in the years of our existence? But how many of us dared to stand up to those mistakes and simply laugh at ourselves. She was a virgin, and then “not a girl not yet a woman” . She said that everything about him was so toxic yet admitted to seldom singing live about it. She was dressed like a virgin, acted like a whore or vice versa. But yet, through all these mistakes, Britney Spears only answer was that she was being herself, a mortal human being. Despite all these “mistakes”, her fans and some with a sense of humor nodded to her.

2) acting dumb

When asked if she trusted Bush, an internationally acclaimed villain, she (with gums in her mouth) said, “yes” despite knowing that everyone cool would have said otherwise. Most female rivals hated her, stabbing her with insults and all, but dear Britney with her blonde hair bobbing around said, “I love Avril’s My Happy Ending, I play it all the time” or “I wish I have a voice like Christina Aguilera”. She could have lashed at them back as any healthy woman would do, but she didn’t. When she was asked who would it be if she was given a choice to spend a couple of hours with, her answer was “Brad Pitt” instead of Confucius or Picasso or someone more dignified that would earn her more cool points. Dumb answers? I don’t think so. Most of what she has done stemmed from someone who felt she didn’t need to fake much to impress. This Britney knew that there was enough of her to grab her attention.

3) Frivolous music

Michael Jackson sang about “healing the world” but the last time I checked, the world is still pretty in distress and Mr. Jackson is still busy spending millions on chimpanzees and lawyers. And of course of little “genius” Christina Aguilera who sang about being “beautiful no matter what people say” but she wasn’t the one to say “no” to adding a couple of cup sizes to her breasts. Face it folks! No everyone do what they sing in their songs and it gets really repugnant when they go singing a lie that they cannot tell properly to a group of gullible fans. I want my music, at least as honest as my tax return forms. I bought “baby one more time” and “oops! I did it again” I thought it was cute. Very befitting of a teenager. Then Britney got serious and told us that she was a slave to dancing!! Not music!! (Can’t she just lie a little?) In I am a slave for you. In “I am not a girl, not a woman” she didn’t talk about saving the dolphins or realizing your dream but she simply talked about discovering new things as a growing woman. In “Over Protected” she was a little goldilocks who was a little tired of everything .. Whiny but still acceptable. Her peak came with “In The Zone” . From “Me Against The Music”, she went dancing with Madonna, in “Toxic” she draped herself in diamonds and writhed around shamelessly in a devilishly delicious tune, in “Outrageous” she compared her sex drive with her shipping spree. Britney was clearly partying hard but why end an album with a somber “Everytime”? She even insisted on dying in the video! Like it or not, Britney’s music may have been a little too honest…

This article is influenced by musli’s The Year of the Three Britneys – And How All Were Transformed” .. I think its cool how he summed it up.. I have seen countless women with better mugs and racks than Britney. I have also heard a billion more verses sung by far superior voices, but one thing remains.. There is only one Britney Spears.. And this is the Britney that Spears!

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