The Carter Family In Marathon

Contributed by SugarCandy:

I’m a HUGE BSB fan and an Aaron and Leslie Carter fan, but for all those people who think the Globe is lying, you are WRONG. I live in the state of Florida and I attend school with people who commute from or have lived in Marathon and the other Keys. They have personally told me that the Carter family is somewhat of a disruption to their community. I am told that although Aaron does not attend local school, he shows up to football games and social events and causes fights among the local girls, pitting them against one another for his affection (or perhaps the girls mainly cause the problems over mere stupidity/jealousy). There was also a news (on WSVN Channel 7 in Miami, FL) report on how the Carter family home did not receive permits to uproot endangered/protected plants in their yard and began to dredge and widen the canal behind their home because their boat could not gain access to the ocean because it was too narrow. They built a pool and added things to their home and then tried to obtain permits only after neighbors complained to the authorities. They continually (allegedly) disrupt the lives of the citizens of Marathon. About two Halloween’s ago; BJ was questioned by the police for assaulting a fellow tricker-treater after a verbal disagreement. She has been questioned in Tampa as well due to drug use. While I agree that in a large city this would go unnoticed, I am told that Marathon is a quiet and relatively sleepy place by the citizens themselves and their behavior is impossible to be overlooked due to its ostentatiousness. While I am a big fan of the three singers in the family, I am also a citizen of the state of Florida and feel that the complaints of the residents of Marathon should not be discouraged if they speak the truth. They have the right to peace and order in their community and perhaps the Carters would be better off in a large community such as Miami where that is everyday behavior (believe me!) Plus, they’d be MUCH, MUCH closer to my house! (lol)!

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7 thoughts on “The Carter Family In Marathon

  1. elgato says:

    SugarCandy, you are an IDIOT. BJ was defending her younger sister, who was being bullied by that group of girls. When BJ stepped in, they backed off. Yet the cops came after her. And who gives a f**k about what kinds of plants they grow. It’s not like they’re growing marijuana. And if girls are fighting over Aaron at football games, then THEY are the retarded ones. Marathon is full of idiots. The Carters should move to a place that has normal people.

  2. bsg1hbk says:

    Ok sugar candy..i second el gatos comment on you being an idiot… 1st off…i don’t see anything wrong in growing endangered plants isn’t that helping the plants not become extinct? 2nd Aaron is allowed to be a normal kid and its not his fault girls fight over him and can you tell me why the neighbors would complain because they built a pool? you know why? because their jealous that’s all it is, and I bet you everything I own that BJ Carter isn’t the only one using marijuana in marathon and that fight was defending her sister. Those people need to just live their lives and stop b*tching over stupid things that really isn’t any of their business.

  3. IsntDaveOne says:

    ” There was also a news (on WSVN Channel 7 in Miami, FL) report on how the Carter family home did not receive permits to uproot endangered/protected plants in their yard. “ they weren’t planting or growing plants,they were taking them out of the ground from their lawfully protected areas.Now I don’t know what they did with the plants afterwards,but hopefully they re-planted them somewhere else. Good Day :]

  4. popnicklover says:

    Um, uh-huh. Right! If you were a “true fan” of the Carters, SugarCandy, you wouldn’t be b*tching about stupid sh*t like this. I’ll admit it, the Carters are not the perfect family. But truth be told, NO FAMILY CAN BE PERFECT, famous or not. Is is Aaron’s fault if girls fight over him during football games? Don’t tell me before the Carters came along, that NOBODY in Marathon or Florida ever got arrested. Bullsh**! How do they disrupt the lives of the citizens? Do you LIVE in Marathon? How do you know this for sure? Just because you know some kids who live there and who tell you this sh*t doesn’t mean it’s true. Maybe they are just jealous. Please, hun…take your b*tching someplace else. If you don’t live in Marathon and don’t know the Carters personally, then you can shut your little trip since you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. The people who live in Marathon are probably just a bunch of jealous snobs, anyway.

    Oh, and the Carters happen to be going through a bad phase right now…so the people of Marathon should just let them live their lives and get on with their own. Can you spell S-N-O-B-S?!

  5. XTremeKaos says:

    Aaron is allowed to be a normal 15 year old kid and go to football games. I seriously doubt he goes up to a girl and says “Go find one of your friends and fight over me”. lol I mean that’s what it sounds like. It sounds like the people of Marathon are snobby and jealous. Every family has problems and famous families aren’t any different. But maybe the Carters would be better in a neighborhood away from people like that.

  6. Smile says:

    You seem to have forgotten all the good Nick and his family have done for the area. Including bringing in money and tourists in for their boat racing team. And Nick’s organization to help the oceans and environment. They live in a smaller community because it’s more peaceful and they can get away from their busy work schedules. I’m not sure what problem Marathon has with the Carters because from what I’m seeing from that city they aren’t being treated fairly.

  7. JessieJess618 says:

    Ok, I have to say something about everyone saying that the residents of Marathon are snobs. My grandparents live in Marathon, and all though I’ve never seen or met any of the Carters, they aren’t exactly…of the same social class…and they’re treated like the Beverly Hillbillies. No matter what those people do, the other homeowners are going to want to lynch them for it. I feel bad for them. Everyone got so mad over the plants because they’re afraid the nice, lush, landscaped neighborhood is going to look like a trailer park soon if they don’t get those people off the island.

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