The Catfight: Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears

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Kelly Osbourne, Pink and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles. They are all in Christina Aguilera’s hate list but who’s the one she can’t stop talking about? No one else but Miss Britney Spears.

Ok, I’m only telling my opinions because I think that this catfight is so stupid. I mean, the fight is only one-sided. Only talks trash about Britney. The only thing Britney ever said is that she thought Christina has being just a little rude. She even said that she thought that Christina has an amazing voice (after the interview with Christina for Blender which Christina said that she thinks Britney’s fake). This whole catfight started right after the ‘kiss’ with Madonna. I mean, come on! How obvious is that! Christina is jealous of Britney Spears because her ‘kiss’ with was way more talked about then hers. People didn’t even care about Christina’s kiss! Christina should be at least happy to be able to perform with ‘the’ Madonna but all she does is to complain about it! Christina Aguilera wasn’t even supposed to do the performance! It was suppose to be J.Lo, then Pink AND after Christina Aguilera. Geez, Christina is just so immature.

told Blender magazine that she think Beyonce and Britney are fake and they are just trying to show an innocent, sweet, loving side. She said that Beyonce and Britney came out so sexy in their videos but when people ask about their sex life, they don’t want to talk about it. Here are my opinions: So what they both come out as sweet, innocent girl? Christina did it herself to! Remember that ‘Genie In The Bottle’ girl? All cute and loving? And BOOM! She’s all of a sudden a ‘dirrty’, sexy, slutty, bitchy chick. And who cares if Beyonce and Britney don’t want to talk about their sex life, I mean hello! It’s their personal life Christina Aguilera! At least they don’t go around singing ‘sorry I’m not a virgin’. She’s only doing that for attention. I think she is so ridiculous… I respect Britney and Beyonce for not being as stupid as Christina is.

To Christina’s fans – Ok, most of you going to say that Britney doesn’t have the guts to talk trash and say her opinions like Christina does but listen to this… What Christina is doing is not expressing herself, it’s dissing other! Open your eyes, this is all she does! Kelly Osbourne, Pink, Beyonce, Britney Spears… She just can’t get enough of it! Christina has to move on! Her whole Kelly and Britney have gone wild. Christina is so immature.

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12 thoughts on “The Catfight: Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears

  1. getalifeyall says:

    Put yourself in Christina’s shoes… You grow up with this amazing voice, a voice unlike anyone else’s. You do all of these talent shows and you pretty much slaughter the competition. You go to school and yeah, there may be girls prettier than you, but you know without a shade or a shadow of a doubt you’re gonna be THE star. People constantly make over how talented you are and how everyone in the world will want to hear your voice and listen to your music. Now imagine getting to Hollywood and seeing this picture perfect pinup girl who steals all of your attention – the boys’, the parents’, most of the fans’ – completely overshadow you. You’re no longer THE star, the pinup girl is. Everyone loves her and they make over how sweet she is and how talented she is. This one girl, who isn’t as talented vocally, totally steals your thunder and causes you to be seen as 2nd place for the rest of your life… Wouldn’t that make you bitter too?

  2. weebongo says:

    Christina might have a technically alright voice but after 30 seconds you can’t stand to listen to it anymore. Her singing gets real old real fast. Christina’s voice is by far the most overrated in the music industry. Her live singing is absolutely appalling all she does is ooh and ah for an hour and a half. 15 seconds of this crap and you’ve had enough of Xtina’s pathetic excuse at live singing for a lifetime.

  3. SLaVeF0rU says:

    Ok, I am going to settle this argument because I am going to present just causes from both sides–Britney’s and Christina’s. I am a Britney fan…i have been since 1999 and I always thought that even though Christina had the much better voice, that Britney was the most talented because she could dance and because I liked her music. However, now that I have matured A LOT, it is pretty obvious to me that Christina has every right to say what she is saying and is definitely presenting the better side of the argument. When Christina first came out,she wasn’t being herself, she was being what her then manager and reps wanted her to be–the next Britney,which she didn’t want to be(she didn’t want to be some fake ass bitch who’s only capability is looking good[sometimes,because lately,Britney looks like crap in regards to her skin,her hair–overall I am disappointed in her make up artists and hair people,she looked a lot better in the past]. Anyway, I recently started to favor Christina over Britney, and by recently,i mean the past month. because I’ve realized just how FAKE Britney really is. For crying out loud,when is she EVER going to sing live!? I mean, she doesn’t even sing on most of her album,she’s like a background vocalist or something,it’s sad…lol. Britney’s people are trying to get her to do what Christina did at the release of her album, stripped. They are trying to get Britney to be more sexual,because that Christina’s sales kicked ass because she showed more skin. I believe that Christina is definitely as sexual as she says she is,she doesn’t look like,and hasn’t been caught lying over and over and over and over and over again. Britney has lied about EVERYTHING! OMG!!!! at first I understood why she didn’t mention that she and Justin had sex, I thought her label didn’t want her to…originally I thought while her and Justin were going out,they had sex and Britney felt bad about lying,therefore she would say”no comment or that’s no one’s business,etc etc.” but when it came out that she lost her virginity at 18,i was like WTF!!! she lost her virginity to him BEFORE they even admitted to even be going out. So she lied from the get go…and the whole smoking thing. I don’t give two craps that she smokes(except that now her skin looks like crap because of it) but when they first questioned her about she said,”oh no,i was just holding it for my friend” and then after she gets caught in a lie,does she admit to anything… another example….you guessed it– Fred Durst. “oh,i barely know him.wah wah wah” then pictures of the two of them come out, and video of them talking and *****(the MTV special for Limp Bizkit’s album release–you see him and Britney talking and her calling him–) now she says”no comment,next question” I mean,she thinks she’s “FREE” now..but how can you feel that way when all you do is lie about anything and everything. I agree with Christina, she is a lost little girl. How can she expect people to respect her when she can’t even respect herself enough to be honest. I completely understand that it might be hard to sing and dance the way she does–but why even front like you are singing? why put a mic by your mouth like on the “in the zone and out all night special”? cause we know she didn’t sing at all…she should just get up there and dance,not even move her mouth or anything. I mean her ‘performing’ to me,has become the equivalent of having her CD played and her just being there to dance to it. I mean,I’ve seen her enough in person to the point where it doesn’t move me anymore. like,there are no surprises or anything to look forward to. Another fun quote” yea I wrote 8 songs on the album” (which all suck by the way except for Everytime and showdown). it’s like”I’m an artist now…but she isn’t. I’m even disappointed in the album,because there are only 5 good songs on it. they should just have released that many,so I maybe I wouldn’t be disappointed the way I am now. You know,it really hurts me to say this. because I grew up watching her and wanting to be her. but she is such a FAKE ass. like EVERYTHING she does is just FAKE,for show. I have never seen her be herself. and I honestly respect Christina so much more than Britney now, I really do. Christina can dress however the f**k she wants. at least she isn’t being fake about it. she isn’t lying about who she is or what she stands for. where as Britney does that every single day of her life. ok, I’m ending this here….thanks for letting me vent –Joanny*

  4. squall says:

    Britney’s not even singing on the album. Everyone knows that for every 1000 performances she does 1 ballad will be live…. and drowned out by the back-up singers by the way. For those who have heard the album, has everyone else noticed that many points of the album she isn’t the singer. The back-up singers are constantly singing over her. She’s like the back-up for her supposed “back-ups”… weird. It’d be hilarious if someone in the studio stripped away all the other vocalists and left just Britney’s voice.

  5. weebongo says:

    Much of the backup vocals on Brit’s new album are her own. They are layered with her lead vocals sometimes more than twice. Madonna does this a lot on her records. While she’s singing the lead there will be one or more backup vocals that are all hers going at the same time.

  6. Sarah says:

    AGREED. She’s clearly jealous. She does this whole slutty thing in order to get more attention that Britney but – whoops! doesn’t work!
    It’s like a little bit after Britney showed her crotch, Christina did too. Seriously…?
    And what pissed me off the most was that this year, Christina Aguilera made a comment in an interview saying “I don’t judge Britney.”


  7. xtinalooverrr says:

    christina Aguilera could out sing all of them.
    and she was just speaking what she felt. and I respect her for that, and not saying “oh I love Britney she’s a great friend”
    that’d be fake. and the whole “sorry I’m not a virgin” thing
    was for stripped. the point of dirrty and pretty much “stripped” was that she doesn’t wanna be compared to all blonde popstars.
    christina is aamazing.

    back the hell offf herr.

  8. lindsay mays says:

    christina will never get the attention that Britney does. she will always be second to miss spears. Britney is THE pop princess of today!

  9. tiffany says:

    wow how naive can you be lol that was high-larious. yeah they are singers and bla bla bla but they put themselves out in the lions den, in the public eye so they are under the microscope ALL DAY EVRYDAY 24/7!!!! I am a Christina fan , and I enjoy Britneys and beyonce’s music, like their beats.. easy goin light hearted songs. real talk, they got nothing on Christina. call her what you want that’s ur opinion I think we can all come to the conclusion that everybody has cat fights, and what you see or hear in the media can not always be true. so by you basing your entire blog on Christina talkin ish and quoting other sources is stupid, and somebody should write a blog about you and your stupidity. why don’t you talk about occurrences you actually know like witnessed… facts mija… FACTS!!!!!!!

  10. Yourstupidforwritingthisarticle says:

    Christina Aguilera is not immature. Your the one who is immature writing a stupid article with untrue facts.Your probably the one jealous of Christina because you are not pretty as her and you can’t sing so stop talking crap about her.You act like you witnessed all these stuff but you probably didn’t ,you probably heard it in the media most stuff aren’t true on the media.So get your facts straight before you write a stupid article because all the stuff in here aren’t true and all of your grammar isn’t correct.You only said good things about Britney and bad things about Christina.Britney has done many bad things but I’m a fan of both of them.You didn’t have to write an article about your opinion,you could have have gone to your 5 year old friends and tell them about your opinion.

  11. TheAwesomeSpear says:

    I always knew Aguilera is a brainless scum bitch. A lot of great people weren’t very popular in high school, they got teased, they hang out with a small group of friends, they’re not very comfortable talking to acquaintances in the class but it’s because they’re just shy/awkward. This just makes the whole thing clear about why she’s so friendless to the point where it’s impossible because people actually give her a chance and chances, you know, but she finally finds a way to stink.
    Ya know what, this WHORE only call Brit and Beyonce fake because she’s just incredibly pathetic and mentally retarded that SHE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO COMMON SENSE OF LIVING IN THE SOCIETY PEACEFULLY.
    She has always been the fake one since she was a little kid. She’s an attention seeker. She’s pessimistic, selfish and jealous. She’s the kind of person who has no regrets stealing someone’s boyfriend, worse yet actually kinda feel proud about it. It’s a shame… She could’ve lead a happy life after all, but…. yeah. An immature person can be grown but this slut is just hopeless and heartless. I wonder if she’s even a human being.
    I feel so bad for Brit. She’s the real friend when Chrissy has no one. If my “friend” even an “old friend” turned out to be a monster like that, I would feel cheated and ripped apart, it’s like everything was a lie.

  12. Neil says:

    Christina and Britney are such different artists. Just because they both came from the mickey mouse club and had breakthroughs the same time everyone wants to compare them!

    Britney is a 90’s icon, her songs, image everything will always be recognized more by the mainstream and in pop culture/history than Christina’s.

    But that’s just it, it’s the image, the icon not actually Britney as a person. She is like a lot of other pop stars a manufactured product.

    She had always been managed by people from the way she presented herself physically to what she could say (or couldn’t) to the press, her songs written for her just a puppet really.

    Then when finally she has this ‘break down’ shaves her head etc everyone thinks she’s lost it or gone crazy when really she was all along, just no one knew because all they knew was what she was marketed as.

    Christina is the polar opposite, she has a genuine vocal ability and passion for music, song writing and her music and how she presents herself is the real her. She had always chosen to be true to herself and fans as an artist and naturally with that doesn’t have the same objective of Britney’s in being more popular.

    She’s in no means jealous of Britney, she’s upset and rightfully so that in today’s society falseness of artists and the music industry is more embraced than talent or expression.

    Britney will be remembered as that pop princess icon which Christina never wanted to be and Christina will be remembered as one of the best vocalists of our generation.

    Just look at their roles on the X-factor and the Voice, even the difference in the shows matches each of them -Britney is there as an icon a celebrity and Christina as a true experienced and knowledgeable singer and artist.

    one is not better than the other. Britney’s simply more iconic Christina a more respected musical artist.

    End of.

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