The Cheetah Girls’ Different Personalities Balance Each Other Out

BuddyTV caught up with The Cheetah Girls in a Q&A, where Adrienne Bailon, Bryan, and Kiely Williams promoted their One World tour and were asked how the three get along. “Yeah, we get along really well,” Bryan responded. “We’re so fortunate to balance each other out. All three of us have completely different personalities. We have completely different likes and interests. We come from different parts – Adrienne is from New York, Kiely’s from Jersey, I’m from southern California. When we come together, it’s just a natural blend. It’s amazing to be able to work people that you truly, truly love and we have had the opportunity to go all over the world together.” Read a transcript and listen to the interview here.

The Cheetah Girls

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One thought on “The Cheetah Girls’ Different Personalities Balance Each Other Out

  1. Callei James says:

    :) Rock on and b ur selves, Cheetahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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