The Cheetah Girls Popstar! Magazine Photo Shoot

Popstar! Magazine posted behind the scenes footage of The Cheetah Girls as they did a photo shoot for the publication, promoting their new release ‘One World’. The clip features comments from members Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan and Kiely Williams

“We are here at our photo shoot, getting all glammed up in our hair and makeup,” Adrienne said. “We’re gonna have so much fun. So excited. It’s actually the first pictures we’ll be taking since we got back from India, so we’re super excited.”

“We’re chillin’ backstage, or behind the scenes or whatever you would call it at our photo shoot, about to take some pictures. I hope you guys like them,” Williams said.

Sabrina added, “We’re at a Cheetah Girls photo shoot today, getting lots of fun pictures. Getting all glammed up. Lots of makeup, lots of hair, lots of fun stuff.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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One thought on “The Cheetah Girls Popstar! Magazine Photo Shoot

  1. sare says:

    the Cheetah Girls are so cool the Cheetah Girls names sabrina Bryan adrienne balion kiely willams your biggest fan ever from sara saldivar I can’t what to see the cheetah gilrs in concert in san antiono tx

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