The Cruelty And Cynicism Of The Britney Spears Haters

It is saddening, and almost unbelievable, to read the volumes of comment by conspiracy theorists to the effect that is faking a serious injury and arthroscopic surgery to avoid playing some dates on her concert tour.

Why would she? She has done dozens of shows on the tour already – a few more would make no difference. And we have been told that she personally stands to lose more from the cancellation than anyone else.

And is anyone crazy enough to believe that her management, her record company, her sponsors, her employees would all be stupid enough to fall for a stunt like this? They also stand to lose millions of dollars.

People have been trying to undermine her reputation as a professional artist almost since her tour began by claiming that it would be cancelled. These ludicrous claims started about 4 months ago, since when she has toured all over the US, UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. So they have been shown to be false and malicious.

We were told 3 months ago that she had cancelled “the far Eastern leg of her tour” when there NEVER WAS a far Eastern leg. How often do people have to be told before they will believe it?

Now, even though we know she underwent surgery…..even though we know she has undergone severe pain and is now immobilized…..even though the distress and hurt are plain on her face…..even though the cancellation has been a personal, professional and financial disaster…..STILL the haters go on and on and on.

Even if she died they would say it was a stunt.
Oh well…..maybe she could do some duets with Elvis. He’s still alive, isn’t he? Just trying to avoid taxes.

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