The Descent Of Michael Jackson

The New York Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch weighed in on the state of ’s career and child molestation trial. “For all that Jackson has done to control our illusions over a career that became progressively eccentric, his powers have fallen before the forces of this trial,” Crouch writes. “The publicity, the infinitude of speculations and the images of him either dancing atop a car on his first day of court appearance or being admonished for coming to court dressed in what seemed to be pajamas have proved his undoing. He will never again be able to get by as any more than a vastly talented eccentric. He has now joined the ranks of the great freaks of our age and has no one to blame other than himself and his own willingness to play with the carnivorous forces that created his illusion.”

Dimond Gets Restraining Order On Jacko Fan BJ Hickman

June 9, 2005 – According to The Drudge Report, Diane Dimond and CourtTV have obtained a restraining order against 20-year-old Michael Jackson fan BJ Hickman from Knoxville, Tennessee, who has been blasting the reporter who has become famous for her reporting against the King of Pop for over a decade and during his child molestation trial. “It’s turned ugly,” a media source explained.

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