The Emancipation Of Shar Jackson

Contributed Anonymously:

Imagine this: You are a single mother of two kids, struggling to be happy while raising them alone and seeing tabloids talking about how you baby’s daddy is married to a pop star, who’s now carrying his baby! Just imagine the torture! I believe deserves to be angry for what and Kevin Federline have done. It’s one thing to be married to a guy that already has kids, in fact many people get married and their new husband or wife has kids already, and that’s no problem. But to be part in a relationship in which the guy already had one kid and another on the way, and would just leave the momma and the kids alone, then that’s downright low.

Britney fan or not, I don’t know why anybody would just look at those two and think that they’re a perfect couple. And I wouldn’t be surprised if their reality TV show is going to be so full of positive images about the two, since that seems to be the only thing Britney and her crew does, tries to cover up her image. And the sad thing is that she does it to herself! She makes it known that she can look like some trailer park slut, there are enough pictures to prove it. And now she thinks that she can just come around and act like a ‘Desperate Housewife’, or like some perfect image of a married couple, assuming that the public will go, “Aw they are like another Nick and Jessica.” Gimme a break!

Now Shar is going to fight back and declare her emancipation! For you people that call her names and such, just imagine being in her shoes! Would you be happy about a pop star stealing your baby’s daddy? Don’t lie to yourself, if you think it’s okay, then you are screwed.

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