The End Of The Road For Varsity Fanclub?

With the economy in shambles and a suggestion that their debut album was getting pushed back, it wouldn’t be a shock to hear might be calling it quits, which had their emerging fans panicked by their latest YouTube video. The guys were seen packing up their stuff and heading out of their shared apartment, with Drew Scott explaining how an email from bandmate David Brandt who said he was quitting the boy band prompted to throw in the towel… Or maybe not.

Video showing what happens at YouTube has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “The End Of The Road For Varsity Fanclub?

  1. mileysucks says:

    Seriously I almost died! I LOVE Varsity Fanclub

  2. Elizabeth says:

    When I saw this video I started to cry!! but then they said they weren’t I stop and started to laugh

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