The Enigma Of Britney Spears

Contributed anonymously:

This is a man’s world, but apparently since the appearance of Eve, both men and women just can’t stop talking about the fairer sex. What can’t we just let her live ? And that’s my prerogative! Spears sings angrily on the lead off single of her greatest hits album. For someone so envied and hated by the critics and women with bigger thighs , no one was also more loved and celebrated than Britney Spears.

She came to the world as a baby who sang about “hitting her one more time” and that her “loneliness was killing her” and the world embraced her. Little girls like Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson’s got a sliver of fame by openly copying her. Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne and Amy Lee went and formed the anti-Britney brigade but still couldn’t stop talking about her.

Her every single moves, from something as trivial and insignificant, like adopting a puppy to going barefoot garnered major media attentions. Her larger than life persona with her brief marriage to her major break-up with the Usher-wannabe Justin Timberlake, was everyone’s business. Even Saddam and Bush were seen discussing if they should have converted Britney’s used brassieres for future fuel sources. Everyone had to talk “Britney” but everyone agreed that Britney was insignificant. Strange??

Madonna, an aging empress adopted her as a sister, and together gave the world the ironic “Me Against The Music”. Pharrell and betrayed her by claiming that it was all bling bling that had made them work with her. Rockers like Motley Crue praised her, while The Jets shunned her. Young women loved her , older mothers hated her. Men can’t stop looking at her, women can’t stop looking like her. And Britney is replaceable?

She was fresh, 16, slightly skinny, but irresistibly adorable. People loved her and hated her. Then she turned 20, incredibly hot, with a great set of you know what, and the people loved her and hated her. Then she became a trailer trash, pale, bloated and didn’t give a damn if she was caught with no make up , and the people loved her and hated her. And Britney Spears attributed her success to her looks alone?

Lastly .. Her music meant nothing, but she didn’t write everything !! And Aretha Franklin wrote everything? She was talentless since she co-wrote ! And Jerry Garcia wrote “Sugaree”, “Truckin” and “St. Stephan” all on his own? What about Thom Yorke in Radiohead? Did all of them write everything? I bet it was nothing when she hinted that she was “not that innocent” in “Oops! I did it again”. What about her cheeky “I am not a girl not yet a woman?” And did you miss her honesty talking in , “My weakness caused you pain.. And this song is my sorry.” Not something small when considering that the previous verse to the same song was “The bridges were burn .. And now it’s your turn to cry!”

Either you love Britney Spears or not… it didn’t matter. She would surprise you with either an exquisite gossip like volunteering to have alien babies implanted in her womb or another intoxicating “Toxic” or confessional “Everytime” You have to think her actions and words count in the summation of the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. And in English, that translates to “Britney is the sh**.”

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