The Evolution Of Anya Marina’s Chin Bruise

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@anyamarina) on Wednesday (May 20), en route from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Salt Lake City. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Today my chin bruise has flowered into a nice purple and grey mess. It looks like I’m making some kind of statement, so I opt against makeup and — as Lissy Trullie encourages me — I “just rock it.” Luckily, I’m in no danger of repeating said guitar injury, as the Virgins’ silky haired guitarist Wade MacGuyvered my strap problem with a “strap block.” This tiny rubber contraption costs under a dollar and quite literally could’ve saved my face from a week of ugly bruising. (Note to accident-prone and vain musicians everywhere: invest in strapblocks!)

Check out a prior video blog below.

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