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A lot you guys talk this junk on Christina (Floptina?)

What is the exactly is the definition of a flop, because I don’t remember her being in the 100’s on the charts, but I sure do remember ‘I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman’, ‘Boys’, ‘Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know’, ‘My Prerogative’, and ‘Do Somethin’ sure did. Now that’s a flop. Now these are cute names you say like whore, or slut, but that has nothing to with either of their success or defines them in their future career. Now you say that Christina isn’t a performer, the main thing they have to have to perform is the ability to sing. People don’t pay money to see lip syncing. Now for the last time Christina can dance but as good as Britney. Have you seen ‘Dirrty’, and ‘Come On Over’ dancing not very body can do that.

Performer Chart

5/10- know Mariah is an amazing singer, but that’s about Mimi can do, did you see the VMA’s 05 all she was stand there and sing then she walked. She gets a five because sound good live, but always just slaps the air around, conducting an imaginary orchestra.

Jessica Simpson 4.5/10- know Jessica can sound great live, but I seen her tour and this chick was sitting on a couch singing, boooooring.

8.5/10-sometimes she can sound good live, sometimes she lip syncs, but she able to dance and sing, usually makes her performances special.(really good entertainer)

Christina Aguilera 7/10- Sounds beautiful and adds something special to her performances, whether its dancing or hitting those notes.

The thing about Britney is her controversial life gets more attention then her music.

I mean the girl has only one Grammy and one #1 hit in the states and she’s the next Madonna, Michael Jackson, or Elvis. Where Christina has 3 Grammys, and 4 #1 hits, yet she’s not successful please. Yet in 2003 top female pop artist, named the female of the year.

Christina will survive with her new album, which will offer something fresh and new to music. The point remains Britney and Xtina will last and be around for a long time.

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One thought on “The Facts On Christina Aguilera

  1. BritneyTheLegend says:

    Britney is a global star and she has 8 number one songs on the united world chart.. She’s the biggest selling female of the decade.Who cares Hot 100?? Jackson’s epic Thriller was NOT even No.1 on the Hot 100.. It’s about how you rock the world, not Hot100..

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