The Feeling Taking It A Bit Slower With Their 3rd Album

The Feeling’s Kevin Jeremiah talked with the band’s official web site,, in a Q&A, offering an update on their new album. “We have still been working on recording, but we’ve been fairly relaxed about it this time anyway,” Kevin explained. “With ‘Join With Us’, we came straight back off tour in America and had just under two weeks off before we started recording again. This time, we’ve decided to take it a bit slower. Last time was great, but I think it was the right thing to do this time. We’re just trying to get as many songs together as possible and make sure that we’re really happy with what we’ve got.” Kevin added that they’ve “managed to pretty much record 11 songs” so far, and expect to “try and do another 10 or 11, I suppose” before putting the album together.

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